misslizzers (misslizzers) wrote,

You gotta play to win

Well, I didn't win the 12 million dollar jackpot after all. So much for channeling the cosmos and everything. See, I lost the 5 bucks I brought to Atlantic City, and then on the way up to my parents', I was about to pass the convenience store where little lizard bought her first ever lotto ticket. So, with tires squealing, I made the turn (It was September 1st and I allow myself a monthly fix).

So I go in and give the guy my two bucks. And two seconds later I've won two bucks. So I trade it in for another one. And then I win the 5 bucks I lost the night before! So I take 4 and buy a ticket for a buck. A ticket which wins me a lotto ticket for the big-ass cash prize. I should have known these things only come in threes.

The real question is: do I figure my luck's run out, or do I consider this just another step on the path to obscene riches; the jackpot's double what it was last week, and I'm coincidentally going to NY tomorrow . . . How about this: if you, dear reader, write me at my misslizzers hotmail account, and tell me to buy the ticket and I WIN, I will buy you a big fat cheeseburger. And I'll send you Christmas cards and stuff. With money in them! Hahahahahahahah.

Favorite Conversation:
Went out with some of the girls at lunch . . . Laurie's just quit to have her baby. It's sad, because she is one of my all-time favorite people on the planet and I didn't get to see her nearly enough *before* and now what? She's totally rad and makes motherhood look like a blast. /jesus! this is so weird. My computer keeps ringing. am I in that lame ass movie or what?/ Anyway, I told everybody about my epiphany I had driving to Pittsburgh the other weekend; of becoming a yoga instructor/poet and working 7-10 hours/week and making more than I do now. And then of course we were talking about giving birth, which used to look like a certainty to me, until I had a panic attack the last time I thought I had to give blood, and realized adopting a two year old is a swell idea. I digress.

So, Laurie was like, you'll totally have a natural birth. And I said, yeah, I'll be teaching a yoga class and I'll come out of an inverted twist and say, oops! and she'll drop right out. And Laurie said, yeah, your baby will come out in the full lotus and then move in to down dog - and then cry.

Later, Renee gave me a cut-out cartoon of Eddie Izzard which I stuck onto a picture of me and she wrote Lizzard + Izzard = 4-ever. I think we make a pretty cute couple. Our kids would have amazing fashion sense and killer sideburns.

Top 5 boys who don't realize they're my boyfriend:
5. Brian Kest
4. Thom Yorke
3. John Cusack
2. Eddie Izzard
1. Jon Stewart*

*People I also wish were my president
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