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Christmas wish list

Music from the 19teens - specifically ragtime, vaudeville routines, WWI drinking songs, etc.

Calendar with vintage 19teens images

Victorian style jewelry

Nautical straw hat

_Strangers with Candy_ seasons 1&3

Food storage jars from Ikea

Framed art

New tires

Renewed subscription to _Newsweek_

AMC Movie passes

Yoga classes at the Blissful Monkey

Digital camera


Open-ended tickets to Mexico

Winning lottery ticket

The entire line of Amy's frozen foods

Lasic eye surgery

Democratically-controlled congress

The zero-hour renewal of _Arrested Development_

Incriminating blackmail-worthy video of George W Bush

Dinner party with Jon Stewart, Salman Rushdie, Sharon Olds and Sarah Silverman.

House in the Hamptons with a fleet of indentured manservants

Ski lessons so I can stop snowplowing like an invalid and keep up with Hugh
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