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Ok, first go here, or this won't make any sense:

I don't know how popular my opinion's going to be, since none of my friends are breeders - yet - and most people's experience of the mid-west is limited to pissing on it out of an airplane, which does not exactly create a culture of sympathy and understanding.

But even as a flaming liberal who believes wholeheartedly in planned parenthood, Mark Morford managed to really piss me off. I'm sure there are plenty of Republicans who hear Rush Limbaugh and actually cringe for all the ammunition he hands the other side - this guy is the rare kind of extreme liberal that actually makes me feel like renouncing the party and becoming an Independent.

I read about Joshua, John, Janna, Jill, Jessa, Jinger, Joseph, Josiah, Joy-Anna, Jeremiah, Jedediah, Jason, James, Justin, Jackson and Johanna the other day, and was as shocked as everybody else. I wondered what they could possibly be thinking, and thought, Jesus! the cost of living must be a lot more sane in Arkansas for a couple to raise 16 kids on ONE salary. Did I feel like projectile-vomiting the bile of my hatred? Why, no.

Morford is idiotically projecting the sins of the parents on the kids - how the Hell does he know how they're going to turn out? Statistically, at least one of them is going to be gay, I would guess that a handful will turn out to be totally punk rock, somebody's going to jail, eight are getting divorced, some of them will move to the east or west coast, recycle bottles and cans and send their kids to Montessori school. WTF. Is Morford exactly like HIS parents?

Most importantly, these kids are PEOPLE, not just a quantity. And now that they're here, who is he to uninvite them? No doubt it would be a real problem if everybody went baby-crazy, but the birth rate is DOWN in this country; the reason there's a population problem is that nobody's in a hurry to die. Is he this rabid about people over 50 taking their meds? Oh, I'm sorry, "homophobes" over 50 taking their meds? Look, I really don't see how this couple's excessive fertility has any kind of relation to the state of gay rights in this country. Or how their procreating is some kind of gay-bashing statement. Or how they single-handedly have caused the population problem. We have a surplus of kids up for adoption in this country (by kids, I mean those who are out of the larval, desirably pre-literate stage). Is he pissed that lesbians are getting artificially inseminated? Of course not.

So ok, he knew someone who knew a family with 10 kids and the kids misbehaved when they had a babysitter. This is not exactly exhaustive research. And 50% had ADD and 50% needed therapy later in life? Yep, well, I would say that's about the national average. What's his point?

Sorry, Mark, but it's not like we're having an epidemic of double-digit families. Yes, I think they're going overboard, and no, I wouldn't want that to be my life, but the fact is, if the equivalent of four new families moved into Bumblefuck, Arkansas, it wouldn't cause the earth to wobble off its axis.

Ahem. AND WHAT DOES THIS GUY KNOW ABOUT VAGINAS?? Before he got into their sex life, he was just being a drama queen, but here he goes too far. It's wrong when Bible-thumpers talk about "filthy" homosexual practices and paint vivid pictures of anal tearing, but Morford has stooped below their level. Just because Mrs. Duggar has a mullet doesn't mean she's any less a mother whose nether regions deserve a modicum of respect, and his article will be a Hell of a lot more psychologically damaging to these kids than wearing hand-me-downs and eating breakfast in shifts.
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