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I heart Stephen Colbert

Since I never officially wrote about moving up to Boston, [and since the only people who read this are well aware of it already] I just want to say how much I love it up here! I adore JP and I feel so at home in my new place. It's gorgeous and spacious and it gives me the third floor perspective I'm so crazy about. I like working at a college where there are lots of excuses to get involved in the community - free fitness classes, informal talks about world religions, foreign language partners, chances to proseletize to young children about the fantastic world of college - all of which translates to time spent away from my desk, which is good for my morale and my Jerri-prone hips. I love that I can walk to yoga and that my drive home takes me along the crest of the Jamaicaway where for a moment I see the whole Boston skyline to my left and these gorgeous local church spires eye level to my right. I love that I get to see so much of Hugh and my favorite Boston people. And as much as I miss my NY Metro area crew, I'm psyched that when I'm down to visit, I can pack in a lot of quality time.

I am so happy about the way things are going that it almost doesn't matter how badly I've been screwed today; missed my train and was almost an hour late for work, found out I have to buy myself an entirely new brake system, and that my old doctor misdirected my medical records and five minutes later destroyed the originals, so I am completely devoid of a biological narrative - fuck all y'all, I'm not gonna let you bring me down.

I've been having a lot of great conversations lately, and running into people I haven't seen in years, which is always interesting. But as it's practically Halloween, I'm going to riff off the most topical conversation I had with Linda the other day: I want to know if you believe in ghosts. Discuss.
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