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LJ Interests meme results

  1. boston:
    I LIVE HERE NOW. It's great. I love it. I pass farms on my way to work, but I'm 15 minutes from the Freedom Trail. And I can walk to the Sam Adams Brewery from my house. And luckily I love snow. And karaoke, which this town is mad about.
  2. clearwater:
    When did I write these? Ok, the Clearwater is a boat and also a movement to clean up the Hudson, which has worked to some extent. Now you can eat, like, one fish a month from there. It's also a folk festival where my aunt met her band. And a charity I support.
  3. fondue:
    Should I have to defend lovely lovely fondue?
  4. hiking:
    I've hiked all over New York, New Jersey, out west, Italy, Switzerland. I come from good mountain stock - my ancestral village is nestled in the Italian Dolomites.
  5. land lines:
    Every time I see the Verizon guy braggin on the service I want to punch him. I credit cellular wireless for all but weaning me off using the phone.
  6. mexican train dominoes:
    Aka The Bones. I like playing penny a point. I always win against one person. I never win against more than two.
  7. poetry:
    Read it more than write it lately - a little burned out from my 5-year stint at the Dodge Poetry Program, which I loved until it nearly killed me. A great community. And I am indebted to them for helping me to amass a large collection of other people's poems that will rip the lid off your head. Started reading Yeats to impress a boy circa 1992, discovered Sharon Olds in the banned book section 1995 and was hooked for life.
  8. raptors:
    Hugh kindled my interest in raptors the second weekend we hung out - they're stunning. If you live in New Jersey you should go to the raptor center. Their nictating membranes are to die for.
  9. season's fish & chips:
    London, you've ruined me for fish & chips. How I miss you, old girl, and our jaunts down Earlham Court Rd. Everything since has been a poor imitation. Though Kearny fish & chips comes close.
  10. strangers with candy:
    The greatest show ever televised.

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