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Wedding season comes to a close

Back in October I rolled home from my 6th wedding this year - if you count my cousin's marriage to God back in June. I have eaten make-your-own fajitas! Cake pops! S'mores! The most heavenly little grilled cheese passed appetizers with teeny cups of tomato soup for dipping them in! I have eaten an entire ball of goat cheese, mistaking it for fresh mozzarella!

I have spent about 12 hours dancing like a crazed lunatic in 2 superhot recycled dresses. Made movie night box sets and popcorn seasonings, bought pasta acoutrements, knives, serving platters, cookbooks, an air mattress and bedding and books, books, books. I spent three solid hours photographing people with my instant camera. I've driven - and I do not exagerate - 50 hours. I saw my cousin chip a tooth on her sister's face. I've lost a bocce tournament, delivered a maid of honor speech, DeeJayed parts of two weddings, and officiated at my sister's wedding.

I forget where I was going with this. I started writing this post ages ago, but now I need to wrap it up as we are knee-deep in Christmas and I still haven't posted my annual Christmas list!
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