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Victory and Defea(s)t

Hey Livejournal, how's it going? Wow, it's kind of . . . echoey in here. You must hate Facebook as much as video stores hate netflix.

SO MUCH has been going on. My sister got married! (Summer camp weddings are the BEST). So have about 10 of my friends - 8 of them last weekend! And I have another wedding to go to this weekend, and three already for the coming year. Weddings are my new hobby, apparently.

My band had our first four-hour gig at Costello's on a Saturday night and we crushed it! And now our guitarist has left for paternity leave so we're going to have to start from scratch with someone else. Siiiigh. I am going to hope with all my might that Robbie from the Nickel & Dime Band will be interested in filling in, since I'm sure he knows at least 80% of the songs in our lineup.

At the risk of sounding completely juvenile, last week for the first time ever I admitted to Facebook that I have a boyfriend. Awww. His name is Julian and he is lovely. We met at my cousin's priestly ordination. In a church. In front of my entire family. This is a radically unlikely occurrance unless perhaps you are Amish. Julian's only major character flaw is that he currently resides in Oklahoma, but he's working on it. ETA January 1. Someone give this man a job!

This past weekend I threw my annual Feast for 15 people - four courses with wine pairings. We had been suffering through some unseasonably dreary weather for a week or so, but right as the guests started to arrive, the sun came out, the sky was blue, and it was something like 75F. So I shepherded everyone onto the porch for the first course: baba ganoush and garlic parmesan pita chips; and two types of crostini - a bruschetta and an olive tapenade - with melted gruyere, paired with a hearty burgundy.

Second course was an elaborate make-your-own salad situation, paired with a nice Barbera.

For the main course we had: white bean salad with fresh herbs; a lemon, herb and parmesan risotto; and NY steak sliced thinly and served with a nugget of Saint Andre cheese - that is the only way to eat steak in my opinion. This was paired with a velvety Bordeaux.

And finally, for dessert I gave a little yelp of happiness at the pairing of mixed berry salad and a nice tawny Port, and we passed around an assortment of Taza chocolate for everyone to sample; Guajiro pepper, cinnamon, salt & pepper, and salted almond.

How much did I enjoy the wine, you ask? I can say with confidence that I have never been that drunk at a party I have thrown in my entire life. When the party broke up around 11pm I was incapable of carrying even one dish from the table, and I had to take the next day off to recover . . . and run the dishwasher about 6 times. All totally worth it.

And now I'm going to be a complete nerd and relive September 2010 under the cut. This was my life on Facebook with guest commentors: Joey Arbeely, Melissa Becker, Hugh Beckett, Kristen Bonstein, Danielle Bowlin, Rich Burns, Lisa Cahill, Dave Chin, Shannon Daly, Denise Davis, Zach Davis, Susan Doran, Maureen Festa, Healey Gabison, Ken Hart, Kristina Horacek, Liz Laneri, Steph Luzzi, Craig Maher, Greg Marano, Matt Marrone, David Mayhew, Cara McAvoy, Lauren McAvoy, Rachel Moliere, Catherine Moniz, Kristopher Moreau, Brian Moyer, Sue Nyoni, Andy O'Brien, Scott O'Riordan, Bennett Ostroff, Maak Pelletier, Carol Pyper, Jenny Rainey, Mike Torres, Jen Toth, Mary V, Lindalea Wells, Abby Williams, Austin Williams, Darin Woolpert, Sander Zulauf

Liz: Dear New Englanders: Can you recommend a good, rocky beach for exploring?
Mau: Mid-coast Maine has a lot. Or Eastern Point, at the lighthouse on the Annisquam in Gloucester. Or take the boat out to one of the Harbor Islands.
Z: I second both Eastern Point and Maine in general.
An: Aren't you coming up here? Try Ducktrap.
LizD: OMG Ducktrap is like four hours from here. Wish I could, Andy! But I can't get to Maine until, like, January. For serious. Eastern Point is looking a lot more doable for this weekend. Thanks, everybody!
Sa: Reid (?) State Park. Enjoy. Z.

Liz: I never actually watched 90210 after the first episode. But enough of it seeped in through cultural osmosis for me to think this is startlingly accurate [Link to Flavorwire: Mad Men characters and theri 90210 couterparts]

Liz is having a wardrobe malfunction that could lead to criminal proceedings.
Jen T: Oh no - you need safety pins, STAT! Dental floss? Gigantic scarf? Remember, I pin random ladies' boobs into their dresses for them if they ask for help.
LizD: My kingdom for a safety pin! I bought this gorgeous, billowy, B&W ankle-length dress for $6 at Goodwill. On its inaugural wearing, today, the day I stupidly decide to take the T, one of the straps breaks, I'm not wearing a bra, and half the back would like to hang down to my waist. Thank the sweet baby Jesus I had a clean t-shirt in my bag to throw over it. Still, one wrong step on the hem, and this whole thing is falling to the ground.
Jen T: Ah crap! That's terrible! I have 2 long dresses that sound like this one and I'm always stepping on the hem - always. Or sitting - you know it's going to pull down, but you hope those stitches hang on for dear life. Sorry, lady! Maybe you'll be applauded for your adventures in fashion.
LizD: Or maybe I will just go down to the store with a ladder and change their sign to Illwill.
Jen T: Hah! Approved.
Br: Illwill: You bring in perfectly good stuff, and we break it and sell it to poor people.
Br: And hipsters.
Sc: I would like to see that.

Liz [pix from Liz Bean's Housewarming]
Jenn: Good times!

Liz would like her identity back now, please.
Mat: Wha?!?!
LizD: Eh. I just found out that somebody stole my SS# back in 2008 and used my identity to get a cell phone and a cable account they had no intention of paying for. $365 and $1,500, respectively. I cleared my name with the debt collectors, and everything else on my credit report checks out. But I don't know if there's something else I'm supposed to be doing about this.
Ri: Holy shit!
He: Eek. That's really scary, Liz. I thought they could only do that if the person is deceased. How did they get away with it? Don't they need some form of identification?? What the . . .??
LizD: For cable and phone I don't think you have to show much. You're right, though, it'd be pretty frikkin creepy if they had an ID made up or, God forbid, took out credit cards in my name. No evidence of that on my report - probably because CC companies hire ninja assassins to deal with CC fraud, whereas cable & phone just shrug and cut you off.

Caro:The party looked like fun! Sorry I missed it . . . my sister was in town. Hope to make the next one.

Cr: [posted a pic of me at Forest Hills Cemetery] Tour-master Liz.

Hu: Thought you might like this [Link to Pete Campbell's bitch face]
LizD: I hope when they cast his kid, they find the bitchiest baby on earth.

Liz and Milo have been fighting like Sid and Nancy.
Liz L: Yikes! Which one are you? I'm assuming Sid . . .
LizD: Yeah, technically I always win. Milo doesn't fight back so much as bust past me into places he isn't supposed to be, then hide in places I can't reach and go limp Every Single Time I Try to Leave the House.
LizD: By "Sid and Nancy" I guess I mean "constantly and with serious intensity making it the violent codependent love story of the decade."
Kriste: No stabbing!
Maa: My money is on Milo.

Jo: It can't be Cinderella's wicked stepmother. She's in a Victorian dress. It didn't happen in Victorian times.
LizD: Oh, hi Joey! I was just talking about what a bitch you are!
Jo: It's "we" were just talking . . . lol.
LizD: Hah! Yeah, that's even funnier.
Jo: xoxo

Liz: Hey, remember that time I found out my identity was stolen? It's worse than that; the collections agency was a scam - and because I was trying to clear the fraudulent charges associated with my SS#, they now have my complete SS#. The company is AFNI. Please don't get suckered by them, or if you already have, please assist me in firebombing their offices.
Ri: Holy shit!
LizD: Yes indeed. I am the stupidest. Do you know anyone with violent proclivities who lives near 404 Brock Drive in Bloomington, IL? That is where they receive payments.
Kristo: Yowza!
Ri: I know some folks from that region, they may know some people who know some people. Did you contact the local DA's office? I think you should do that before you turn into Charles Bronson. Here's the link.
Dave: Jebus. Thanks for the tip!
He: Oh my! That's awful, Liz. You get those poopers . . .
Dave: Here's the ripoff report for them [link]
Dave: Note that they've been operating since 2006. Guess it must be easy to dodge the law.
Dave: Pardon the post - a second. NEVER talk to a collection agent on the phone. Period.
Liz L: Oh no!!! Liz . . . I'm so sorry. That is horrible.
Liz L: I think you can call one of the real credit report companies and straighten it out . . .
G:Jesus Lord! Why does the world keep dicking over the Doran sisters?? . . . I would suggest you contact the Illinois Attorney General's Office, Division of Consumer Affairs. Good luck!
Jen T: NO GOOD!!! Holy crap, woman! I believe this is when it's appropriate to get a bunch of stakes, light them on fire, and assemble at 404 Brock Drive in Bloomington, IL. AWFUL!!
De: That's so horrible! Thanks for spreading the word!
Be: Bad week for: The Doran Girls.
Sus: Yeah, what the hell is going on? That sucks, Eby! I'm sorry that happened.
LizD: Rich - that's a link to somebody in Indiana. But thanks! Dave - was taken in by the letterhead and I called them to get it sorted. I would feel quite a bit stupider if I had just answered the phone and believed they were who they said they were.
LizD: Laneri - one good thing about this being a scam is that it totally isn't on my credit report - just my fantasyland credit report. Greg - good advice, and indeed!! Who decided it was open season on Dorans?
Jenn: Bastards! How does this happen? Anyhow, if I'm ever in Bloomington I will certainly put a brick through the window or a molotov cocktail. You'll get it all figured out, no doubt.
Dan: Oh yuck! What a mess.
Ri: Oh shit! Here's the right link.
Caro: You poor thing! YUCK!
Sh: EW!!

Liz: I just snapped my drive axle. I am so rock and roll. Thankfully I have Greg and Mike at Arborway in my corner. One day I will write my own yelp review, but I'm afraid it will be the length of a novella. Short story is: These guys are my heroes [link]
Jo: I just hung out with Mike this morning. I heart them.

Liz L: While the last Groupon/Rock Climbing venture didn't work out . . . this will! Amazing deal [Back Bay Yoga Groupon]
Liz L: I bought it.

Mar: Wants to know if anyone around here wants to see "Wicked" with her - balcony seats are about $55 including fees, gotta go on a weeknight or it'll be more. (Liz Laneri? Shannon Daly? Liz Doran? Bueller?)

Lin: Seriously, Li? And I quote: ". . . we are all celebrating with you at the Prequinox clam bake . . ." You might want to think about a career change, I hear there's big money to be made in the "ability to know the future" field . . .

Cara: Ohh god, they say NY is a bad state yet you and Lauren both got your identities stolen in Boston . . . one more point for NY!! Hahahah I am sorry that whole situation is so horrible. I hope you can get it cleared up . . . if not . . . I am always down for firebombing!
LizD: Actually, my identity was stolen in NY, by some asshat on MacDougal St. in Brookly. So there you go. ;-)
Cara: lol ok . . . fair enough!!!!!! Are you ready for the wedding!!! I am so freaking excited to see everyone!

Liz finally learned the right way to eat a lobster. I am expecting my official New England credentials to show up any day now.
St: The right way is to tear that big sea cockroach to pieces and extract every possible little morsel of sweet goodness until all that remains is his mangled shell.
St: Um . . . I mean . . . I think maybe it could be different in New England. I don't know.
LizD: You are right! There was about a 16th of an ounce of meat that I didn't used to know how to get. Consider it gotten.
St: Lobsters are so fun! Congratulations on your food adventure!
Jenn: I've lived next to the sea for 8 years and I have still yet to try crackin into a lobster. I gotta get on that!
Be: I was never wooed by lobster like so many people are. This one time, before I knew that lobster was all expensive and all, I was doing a catering job for this really rich family, and they had like two dozen leftover MAine lobster of exceptional reknown, so they offered them to me and the other server. I turned down my dozen, probably in part because I had eaten everything else in sight at the party while the guests weren't looking, but afterwards I realized that I screwed up big time. My mother gave me hell - one day of hell for every lobster I turned down. And that's my story. Bye now.
Ke: Now you must read David Foster Wallace's great essay, "Consider the Lobster." [link]
LizD: Jenny and Bennett: WHAT THE
Jenn: I don't know how to crack into a lobster, I hang my head in shame! Gaaaaaah, woe is me.
Davi: I'm proud of you, Liz! The meat . . . the buttah . . . mmmmmmmm.

Mar is so taking Friday off if it is really 85 degrees and going to Horseneck Beach - who's with me?? (Liz Doran, Kyle Capogna, Liz Laneri anybody somebody . . .)

Liz: It's not every day that your ex-boyfriend celebrates the 10-year anniversary of your breakup by telling tales of your villainy to the internet. Also, he found a video game that would corroborate his story. [Link to Unwinnable]
Mi: Don't worry, Liz. There's no such thing as bad press. And I do not regard Phantasy Star as outdated or irrelevant. It is still on my list of games I need to finish even though I started it in 1990.
Dar: Not *every* day, no. The "no offense" at the end is classic.
Dar: Also: hi, LiveJournal of the future!
Ab: Wow - sorry Liz.
LizD: Oh, Abby, I think it's hilarious! Matt and I are awesome. I mean, he's not pulling any punches here, but then again, 10 years ago neither did I.
Au: THAT . . . IS . . . AWESOME!!!

Liz: The Dodge Poetry Festival has relocated to Newark! It'll be a snap to get to, and you will be so glad you went. Hope to see you there! October 7-10. [link]
Sue: I'll be there Liz! Looking forward to seeing you. :-)
LizD: Yay!

Cat: Hi Liz! My muscles are recovering from Nia class. :-(
LizD: I hope that's a good thing! I know we worked hard last night. :-)

Mar: Did you see tomorrow's supposed to be 83 and sunny???????? Horseneck????????

LizD: I never thought I would say this, but Smirnoff Ice changed my life.
Kriste: What about White Lightning?
Ra: Liz Doran is forever my wife, now I just need a husband.
LizD: White Lightning has changed lives, but it never GAVE ME AND RACHEL A PARTY-THROWING SLUSH FUND!!! WOOOOOT!!! We won a sweepstakes! I pity the fool who misses our birthday parties this year.
Kristi: Seriously? I think I remember you entering that. This is the wrong year not to be in Boston. :-p
Ra: Kristina: Fly back! I am!
LizD: Seriously Kristina, you need to be here! Rachel's 30th bday is the day before my Summer of Sam party. MLK weekend.
Ra: OMG I'm gonna be 30 ahhck!
Sus: Wait, what? Wait, what? Wait, what?
LizD: Rachel - we will be able to afford enough alcohol for you to not care that you've just turned 30. Susan - GET YOUR PLANE TICKET NOW! And start shopping for your '70s costume.
Dar: So wait, this isn't about some bros icing you in the middle of the street?
Lin: You WON!!! And because of that we ALL WIN!!!!!
Me: HOLY CRAP!!! That is some serious life changingness!
La: Wha? YAY!!!! How fitting that the person to win it is also the one that will make everyone else a party-pants rejoicer as well!!! Go you for making me feel like I just won a sweepstakes myself. :-)

Liz: [Nia classes link]
Lis: Oooo wish I could but I have to work - keep posting when your classes are!

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