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This past week marked the end of an era and that's never easy. But it was also a monumental week in several other ways.

I marked my 10 year college graduation with quite possibly the lamest reunion "celebration" of all time (once we accepted that every Drew-sponsored event was going to be excrutiatingly awkward, we split off and made our own party. Which . . . is not all that different from what going to Drew was like. At least we were trained for this!).

I also joined a new cover band as the lead singer and this week we picked our name: Who Wants Cake? We are performing for the very first time at Jacques on Friday, Oct. 7 - if you're in Boston, come check us out!

And this was the week where I hit 4,000 pageviews on my other blog - www.TheBashionista.blogspot.com. For the past 10 weeks I've been posting every weekday, and trying to build up a following. Every Tuesday launches with a how-to guide for throwing a new party. Wednesdays I write an advice column ranging from what to do to make your guests feel right at home, to what to do when your guests feel so at home that they are puking on every available surface. Thursdays I have a column written by one of my two guest chefs. Every Friday I roll out a playlist, fully downloadable on iTunes. And Monday is a recap day - a winning recipe, a photogallery, or what I learned in my Bashionista test kitchen.

Oh right, and I'm also still teaching my Nia class (every Thursday at Spontaneous Celebrations in JP - this week's class is a 2-for-1; an hour of yoga followed by an hour of Nia, 6:45-8:45 for the low price of $13). And, y'know, belonging to two book clubs, throwing a weekly supper club, traveling every other weekend, helping my sister plan her wedding, visiting my friends' adorable babies, working full time and trying to keep an herb garden alive. It's . . . a lot. But I'm grateful - for all the beautiful things in my life that remain, and the amazing friends who've got my back, and for the exciting projects that continue to evolve.

Oh, weird. I am so behind on facebook archieving that I am only up to August 2010 - which is right when the aforementioned era began. Well, here goes. Here's what I was up to a little over a year ago. With comments by Liz Bean, Hugh Beckett, Kristen Bonstein, Danielle Bowlin, Rich Burns, Dave Chin, Shannon Daly, Zach Davis, Susan Doran, Mary Ferrara, Amanda Gordon, Kristina Horacek, Dan Kotler, Liz Laneri, Shawn Lucas, Steph Luzzi, Greg Marano, Sachin Master, Cara McAvoy, James McGregor, Chuck Meyer, Mike Mosey, John Perich, Jenny Rainey, Brad Reed, Roberto Reyes, Katie Taylor, Jen Toth, Mike Torres, Stacy Vachon.

Liz now has an emerald green dining room, thank you very much.
Liz B: It looks great! But it's more like clover than emerald. ;-)
Kriste: Cannot WAIT to see that.
Ste: Photo please

Liz: Check this out! [Link to Disco musical video.]

Su: She found me. I don't know how but she found me. Run for it Marty!!
Su: (Stephanie E-F)
LizD: Duh duh. Duh duh duh. Duh duh duh duh duh. Duh duh.
LizD: If she knows about the duh-duh machine, be very fucking afraid.

Liz thinks there is a definite possibility that the apartment below her is opening up on September 1. Somebody awesome, please jump on this!
Liz L: Fingers crossed it's a hot guy.
LizD: Yeah, or a deaf guy.
B: Damn, if only I wasn't already so happy in my current place. :-)
B: We coulda had joint parties!

LizD: Pay close attention! This is worth every minute you spend waiting for the page to load. Every minute! This is gold, people! [Link to girl quitting on dry erase board]
Jenn: This chick rules! There's only so much BS one can take from their boss and she gave it to him good!
Mike T: I think I'm in love.
Shaw: Wow, that's funny!
Liz L: It's fake. [link.]
LizD: Yeah, I'm totally fine with that. The quote from the Chive people is pretty much how I feel: "The purpose of the hoax was to entertain and inspire, not to inform, so what difference does it make if the story has a single ounce of truth?" Frankly, I'm glad it took three people to make this happen because I was starting to think "Jenny" must be some kind of superhero.
T: I just double checked pics 16 and 32. Not fake.
Shan: I was entertained. :-)
Dav: Faked. [Link]
LizD: Laneri beat you to it, Dave! See above.
Dav: Ah well. Can't win all the time. :-) How you doing, Liz?
LizD: Hah! Actually, your link is different and worth checking out. I think my favorite pic is #8.

Ca: Ciao bella, just realized I have not talked to you since the reunion!!! How are you?! How is life? Lauren and Mom were just in Italy for a little while and we were talking about the yearly party and we all agreed the only logical step to take it to next is to do different ethnicities each year . . . we could really have some fun with Egypt and India!!!!!!

Liz tried to temper her murderous rage by drinking most of a bottle of wine, eye-fucking Ewan McGregor and introducing her roommate to Death Proof, but this morning's hangover is just making her more mad. Figures.
Gr: You should turn on some Fox News. That should help.
LizD: Throw some Fox News into the mix, and I will be facebook posting from prison.
Dav: Do I hear prison sexploitation movie?
Sa: Sucks when a good plan goes bad. I approve of your tactics.
Kriste: Wait, were you not able to teach at all?
LizD: NO.
Su: Wait, what happened?
Ste: Eye-fucking?
LizD: Have you SEEN him in Down with Love? It's pretty much a nonstop ocular orgasm.
Kriste: Very true. Sorry about the Spontaneous Disappointments of last night. Enjoy NYC!

Ro: Grettings from Mexico. :-) How are you my friend?

A: This was posted by my friend Stephanie Schrader - her family . . .

Ch: Good to see you this weekend! Sorry it was for such a short amount of time. I hope the rest of your trip was a success!

Liz says, pepper spray is no joke! Just ask my whole evacuated office.
Jo: Whereas if they'd just shot a firearm at the ceiling everyone could stay inside. But that's no longer an option in COMMIIE LIBERAL PRISON AMERICAN 3000.

Dan K: Uh . . . what?
LizD: I didn't actually smell the pepper spray, since I am hermetically sealed in my office, enjoying the deep freeze of my AC. But they evacuated all of us when peopel started coughing, gagging and running out of the building. It wasn't until after the fire department showed up that this girl admitted her pepper spray keyring had gone off. Oopsies! This was an hour ago, and now I'm back in my office and *with my door shut* the back of my throat is still tickling from something that happened five offices away.
Ri: Wow!
Su: I love the smell of pepperspray in the morning.
Dani: Did she think no one would notice?! I love how she tried to keep it under wraps.
Ma: I was once in a bar that was tear gassed, not fun.
LizD: Danielle: She and her boyfriend were talking about it in the car next to me, and I'm like YES you should go tell the fire department they don't need to call in the bomb squad. Mary: Viva la revolucion!

Ja: [Link to Dorney Park commercial]
Sta: Make the memories of a lifetime today . . .
LizD: Gee whiz, dad! I'm going to remember this day forever . . . forever . . . ever [fade to soft focus]

Liz: I am silently laughing so hard it's giving me chest pains [link to 27bslash6]
Z: My question still stands.
Jen T: Dr. Dick!
LizD: I am flattered and even a little curious but I feel it would be better if we didn't give in to desire at this stage of our relationship as I would not want to risk damaging our friendship - of which I have come to value very much."
LizD: I can change Dick. I can change for you. I love you Dick.
Mike T: I loved: "fuck you whats wrong with Star Trek? Your a wanker." "I teach 3rd grade deadshit."
Ri: F'n hilarious!

H: Thanks for scanning these!
LizD: You're very welcome! Can't believe it took me so dang long.

Kristi: How come the Polaroids are all orange-ey?
LizD: Because they suck. The Impossible Project came along, decided to only make polaroids in shitty sepia ton, and that they would charge $3 a shot. I am never taking another polaroid again as long as I live.
Krist: On nooooo!!!
Mike M: Major bummer!

Liz is embarassed to say she is less excited about getting a new fridge than about getting a new refrigerator box to play with.
Go: You are a cat.
Jo: Climbing in a refrigerator box and pretending it's a spaceship is much safer than doing the same thing with a refrigerator.
Mike T: [link to a picture]
Dan K: Don't be embarassed!
Ka: That's not embarassing. That's the best! The possibilities are endless with those things!

LizD: Join us for Nia classes at Spontaneous!

Liz wants to thank Team Pennsylvania for an epic weekend of hiking to waterfalls and occasionally swimming in them, riding the scariest roller coasters known to man, enjoying world-class Milford dining, building a roaring campfire out of wet wood, and not quite flipping off the four-person waterslide.
Gr: Don't forget the rental locker cramming that would be the envy of any 20 clowns in a Volkswagen!

Liz D: This is a great poem. You know what's even better? Watching this three-year-old recite the entire thing from memory while playing with his toys. Prepare to be amazed. [Link]

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