misslizzers (misslizzers) wrote,

Just when you think you've got em all figured out

I'm throwing a party tomorrow. At least I hope it turns out to be a party. I'm expecting between six and twenty-eight. How does one plan for between six and twenty-eight?? I ask myself the same question every freaking time.

I love throwing parties, don't get me wrong. And for all the stress they bring, they are great for A)getting your house vacuumed and B)finding out who your friends actually are. Some people you thought were your friends can't be bothered to open an evite, and sometimes the last people you'd expect would be willing to sell their grandmother's teeth for a train ticket.

So aside from the emotional housecleaning, I'm feeling pretty relaxed and short of someone calling the cops or all of my wine glasses getting smashed, I'm sure tomorrow will be fun.

One person who will NOT be in attendance is my freakshow blind date from last week. He wrote me an incomprehensible email this morning that I think was meant to berate me for not asking him out again. Since when does a first date come with lasting responsibilities? He didn't exactly pull me out of a burning building - he bought me a drink for chrissakes. And at jersey prices, that is an especially cheap date.

One person who surprisingly might be there, is S's boyfriend, who is trying his damndest to redeem himself. For the time being, it's working, she's happier in her native habitat than I've seen her in a year, and since he knows he's not my favorite person he was on his absolute best behavior. And he's got good taste in pizza toppings, I'll give him that.
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