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Well, hello there

Lordylou! It has been a long time since I've posted. Things have been going fantastically well. Spent a great Easter in the homeland - Craig & I seem to have the perfect balance between time with our two families and time by ourselves; managed to fit in a quick hike up Breakneck and still keep everyone happy, so that's excellent.

This week's main event: teaming up with Linda and teaching an hour of yoga + an hour of Nia for only $13! I'm . . . trying not to get my hopes up, but it seeeeems like we're going to get an awesome turnout. Hope so! I hatched this plan a couple months ago when Nia attendance was particularly dire; since then things have picked up and stayed steady, but I'm hoping that this will bring people back in a big way. Also have some new people saying they're definitely coming, so fingers crossed.

And now I'd just like to keep archiving old facebook posts. Here's what I was up to last July. Featured commentors: Hugh Beckett, Rich Burns, Lisa Cahill, Kyle Capogna, Jason Cristofaro, Zach Davis, Susan Doran, Debbie Finkelstein, Healey Gabison, Artie Ledger, Steph Luzzi, Kristin MacDougall, Greg Marano, John Perich, Susan Rubin, Jen Toth, Darin Woolpert

Liz is using a personal day to paint her kitchen. It is 86 mother BEEPing degrees in here. Also, it's a lot easier to open a beer than it is to cook a meal. Maybe I should call for delivery before I am too drunk to dial.
De: That gives a whole new meaning to drunk dialing.

Liz just got back from her family's 50th consecutive annual reunion. Personal highlights include: bar hopping with cousin Melissa; Susan's photoshoot; five games of volleyball and ten kinds of torta on day one . . . and an idyllic day two spent in the country, eating Lauren's mango avocado salsa and drinking the personalized cocktails she kept pouring me; winning at bocce despite said cocktails, telling the story of the sheetcake burlesque to cousin Steve, and watching Susan fatbooth the entire family . . . Not to mention some awesome post-reunion hangout time with Matty: fireworks on the Mid-Hudson bridge, Toy Story 3 at the drive-in, my first game of tennis in 14 years, water cannon fights in the pool, a nap in the hammock, and some quality dumb movie watching. Life is pretty frikkin' sweet.

A: Hey folks! I need your assistance in looking for a costume designer . . .

Liz: Join us for Nia classes at Spontaneous! . . .

Liz: [Grassroots link] It's not too late to get tickets! And there's still some room in my car if you want to join me. Four stages playing continuously for four days at an unbeatable price, camping out with friends, eating mango sticky rice, walkign down to the swimmin' hole, hiking out to the gorge, dancing for 10 hours straight, waking up and doing it all over again.
Ky: I just bought my ticket!

Je: It took awhile to narrow it down, but I think my favorite song on the mix is Big Lost by Diplo. I start grooving like I'm one of the hamsters in the Kia commercial.

Liz is back safe and sound from Italy! Gorgeous hiking every single day, pizza so good I could cry, wading in the glacial meltwater of the Sarca (my favorite pilgrimage), listening to a symphony of cowbells, watching a real life grinder at the footrace, walking through a town where I'm related to everybody, learning some fun dialect with my mom.
He: All I have to say is . . .mmmm . . . I should have gone to Italy! (PS I got your letter. I'm going to write you via the post. You are my new pen pal!)
G: Glad you had a great time, and taht all sounds well and good, Liz, but it doesn't compare to my week! I went to . . . um . . . Well, I ate some great . . . hmm . . . ok, I'll get back to you.
Ja: No vacation is complete without a monkey.
Liz D: Spoken like a true carnie, Jason.
Susan D: Well aren't you the lucky one, Ducky?
Liz D: Wish you could have been there, Smu! The only "nightlife" we had was walking a three-hour circumference of Pinzolo/Carisolo until 11:30pm, and having dad remind us halfway through the remote bike path that the symbol of Val Genoa is a bloodthirsty BEAR. We walked a lot faster after that.
Lis: Sounds amazing!
St: Welcome home, Lizard lady.

Jo: Firefox is screwing this up so I can't email it [link to his Sherlock Holmes article].

Liz has a new favorite idea: Achewood placemats for supper club.

Hu: Friday [link to Abbey Road burlesque show]
LizD: I am psyched! Nothing like thematic burlesque.
LizD: Do we have to get advance tickets?
Z: I think I'll wait for the erotic, thrilling interpretation of Genesis' "The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway," personally.
Hu: I think showing up in a timely manner will do. I don't care for the $5 service charge.
Da: Anything with Phil Collins is automatically erotic and thrilling.
R: I'll be there as well . . .

Liz: If abstinence doesn't work, maybe you should try these: [Link to Trojan article in The Onion]
Susan R: Ahahahah! Love it.
Kr: Yes!!!!
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