misslizzers (misslizzers) wrote,

Christmas wish list

Dear loved ones: If you are looking for ideas for things to get me, here are some things I have a yen for:

Birthday Party stuff:

The theme this year is Summer of Sam. I am hoping to get a DJ who specializes in 70's funk, punk, soul, and disco. However, I have zero leads at this point, so I may have to be creating a playlist on my own. Either way, I saw this box set entitled "What it Is" and fell in love with it. It seemed like more than I wanted to spend at the time, but now I regret not buying it.

In general, if anyone would care to beef up my collection of awesome '70's music, I welcome CD mixes rated by danceability. 1=passed out in the fondue pot. 2=making out by the light of the lava lamp. 3=flitting about the room getting used to the platform shoes. 4=persistent head bop and occasional disco pointing finger. 5=disco inferno.

I could also use a lava lamp or three - as a gift or a loan. [whitefire, I'm looking at you.]

I am also desperate for a big old square of shag carpeting. And bean bag chairs - more of a loaner situation, as I have limited storage space.

I would also love a projector that I can hook up to a computer. These are mad expensive, so I usually find a way to borrow one, but hey, a girl can dream.

I would also love blue Christmas lights, since SOME IDIOT SEEMS TO HAVE DECIDED TO STOP MAKING THEM. Or at least, some idiot at Home Depot has decided not to stock them. Don't punish me for decorating like a college kid. Actual college kids: I feel for you.

Housey stuff:

Tupperware! I officially have food storage envy, as Liz Bean has a great set of things that all match and have lids, rather than my hodgepodge of mismatched crap mostly recycled from Indian food takeout. However, I would need the lids to be something other than maroon - that's how we keep straight which tupperware is gluten-free.

Is this the year where I will finally utilize my outdoor porches? Probably not. But an outdoor folding table would really help.

I adore the folding table I have (that opens out in two big leaves and stores four chairs inside), but it is about one clumsily placed beer stein away from total collapse. So I should probably think about replacing it.

I received a great storage solution for my movie games a couple years ago, but now it's overflowing. I am fantasizing about getting some kind of floor-to-ceiling wooden cabinet with letterbox size openings, that would hold about five big flat envelopes.

I would really like a nice fruit bowl. The one I picture in my mind is made of wood and shaped like a cross between an open seed pod and a canoe. Just a thought. Any dedicated fruit bowl would be nice.

Other stuff:

A Cooler - I have a teeny one, but a full-size one would be pretty rad. Alternatively, a beer bucket that *doesn't* leak like the one I recently bought.

Fun clothes for teaching dance in.

A hookah.

Subscriptions to Newsweek and Marie Claire

Massage at Inman Oasis in Cambridge

Yoga classes at Blissful Monkey in JP


Books that you think I will love reading in California!

Snapfish gift certificate for my all my photo projects.

Music I don't know I like yet. Or an itunes gift certificate.

Any Polaroid film that you, your loved ones and business associates might still be hoarding. I say this every year, but I still mean it. Alternatively, I am considering making the switch to Fujifilm - they make a camera that's similar to Polaroid. Actually they make two, one which takes pics the size of a credit card, and one that takes pics that are twice as long. I can't tell you how sad I am that for the first year in awhile, I will not be able to create a yearbook/guestbook at my birthday party. I don't think that Fujifilm will ever be to me what Polaroid was, but if I could use this once a year for my birthday, it would be pretty lifechanging and hugely appreciated.

A new or refurbished MacBook that runs on OS 8. Or an Apple gift certificate towards this. I have two seven- or eight-year-old laptops. One has no functional CD drive, and the other has no battery power and every time the cord gets jostled it turns off and then you have to convince it that it is not January 1, 1970 so that it will actually run. Heavy sigh. I realize two things: 1) I am lucky that I am still able to limp along with these geriatric computer twins, and that it is only a matter of time before they go to that Circuit City in the sky, and 2) Apple is eventually going to stop carrying batteries for my four-year-old ipod, and I will have to get a new one, and all the new ones will only run on the #$&)(&$)(&@ latest operating system. Help a brother out.

A ticket to Grassroots

Season tickets to the A.R.T.

A Prius.

A mansion in JP with a carriage house converted to a dance studio.

A bill of sale for The (old) Milky Way and all its contents.

A bullet train from Poughkeepsie to Boston.
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