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Just, wow

I don't mind saying, the past two weekends have been absolutely stellar.

Friday night our house turned into the place to be, as a little roommate hangout time ballooned into dinner for seven, one of whom was my long lost cousin Lauren!!! who told us outrageous stories from her recent travels to Spain, Wales, Morocco, and Italy.

Saturday we welcomed Liz Bean good and proper, and I have now christened the apartment The Liz Institute. We had an excellent time. Craig came up from New York, and stuck around for the rest of the weekend, which gave me a chance to show him some of my favorite New England haunts; Forest Hills Cemetery, Decordova Sculpture Park, and swimming in Walden Pond. On top of that, we packed in some great hangout times with friends AND came in second at trivia.

Here's what I was up to last June, under the cut. Featured commentors include: Liz Bean, Julie Berenzweig, Danielle Bowlin, Dave Chin, Jason Cristofaro, Ryan Dowd, Jameel Haque, Kristina Horacek, Alex Hurst, Liz Laneri, Lauren McAvoy, Jamie Mink, Rachel Moliere, Kristopher Moreau, Patrick O'Hanlon, Maak Pelletier, Kelly Ralabate, Brad Reed, Katie Taylor, Jen Toth, Mary V

Liz overheard outside a Disney restaurant: Oh my stars! That was soooo good! I was like, where are we, the Cracker Barrel?
Jame: That's cuz Cracker Barrel is damn good.
Dan: Hahaha did you feel like you were back in Tennessee?
LizL: My favorite part: "Oh my stars!" I'm going to start saying that on a regular basis.
Ke: Haha I've always thought Cracker Barrel looked like it belonged in Frontierland.
Jami: I haven't had a breakfast in Massachusetts to rival Cracker Barrel. Just sayin'.
Ju: Hilarious!

LizL: Good news! My friend is no longer visiting, so I get to come to Nia tonight. Yay! I'm psyched for the Michael Jackson routine. Also . . . wanna come over after for beers and a chat?
Mar: I will see you there! If only I had a white sequin glove . . .
LizL: Ohhh good call. I think I might wear my shinning tights and a cute top to dance in tonight just to make it fun (for me). Yay!
LizL: *Shinny, not shinning.
LizD: Oh man, you guys, my day just got 10x better! ;-) And yes! Beers after class would be great.
LizD: Liz: You have tights made of shins? How terribly Buffalo Bill of you.
LizL: I don't know how to spell.

LizD: Geez! What *didn't* I do last weekend?
Mar: Trivia. :-(
LizD: Too true! And if the stupid Celtics are still playing next week, there won't be trivia then either.
La: Dance your pants off in Barca. ;-) Miss you, babe!
LizD: I miss you, too!! I did dance at Rob's party, but my pants definitely stayed on. And no one was aspeaking espanish to me.

Liz loves Montreal because it's like the Wild West version of France. Added bonuses: getting to hear Jean and Rachel speak French, getting to hang out with the amazing Henry Craig-Dendy, and being astounded by the pants-off-dance-off at the Fringe Festival.
LizL: Sounds amazing! I love Montreal . . .

Kristi: [link to her farmer's market blog]

Liz is wondering when they started putting laudinum in NyQuil.
LizL: I don't know what that is, but if it gives me a false sense of happiness, I want in.
Je: Damn meth makers, messing up everything (I actually have no clue if that's why, but it seems a lot of stuff was pulled from meds because of that, so I'm just going to go with it . . .)
Je: Wait . . . scratch that. I can't read.
LizD: It's more like a false sense of nothingness . . . I am so zonked I can't feel my face for like 12 hours! I don't know which is worse, the cold or the remedy.
Jas: Meth makers have basically forced me to
Jas: Not complete my posts. And also subject myself to a background check every time I buy my wife her allergy medication.
LizD: Yeah, I had to show my ID at the grocery store. If this cold persists and I buy more, will the feds take a battering ram to my front door?
LizD: PS when I was in college and took too much NyQuil I started thinking in haiku. Now that I'm older, it apparently makes me think in rhyming iambic pentameter triplets.
Jas: Damn poets. Get a job hippie!

Liz has become fixated on the idea that she will celebrate 5 years in this apartment by giving it a new paint job. Does anybody have any drop cloths? More importantly, does anybody love painting apartments? Or babysitting the world's most affectionate cat?
Ry: You can get plastic drop cloths at the hardware stoer for like $2.
P: Lynn & I might be able to help in the cat-sitting department. Don't know what Greta will think, tho. (She hasn't had much cat-to-cat socializing).
LizD: Ryan: Yeah, I know, I just hate plastic and long for reusable, biodegradable drop cloths. Patrick: I might just take you up on it! Milo hates dogs but has a good track record with cats. I know he will get along better with a cat than with a tray of paint.
P: Sounds good. When are you painting?
Maa: How many you need? I gots lots . . .
LizD: Maak: Perfect! Hmm. Maybe a couple? My place isn't that big and I'd only be doing one room at a time. Patrick: I'm thinking of starting small with my hallway. Might start as soon as Sunday? Or Tuesday? Or Wednesday?
P: Lynn's in. So this will be for a week or so? Would you like to bring Milo by for a test run?
(I'm not worried about him, I honestly don't know what Greta will do. Never had another cat in *her* territory.)
LizD: That is so sweet of you guys! Actually, no, I was thinking it would be more like a babysitting gig; like, I just want him out of the house for a few hours while there is wet paint in trays for him to get into.
P: Cool! Whatever works best. Tomorrow's fine for us if you're getting started. Just let me know.

Ka: Rob (and I, believe it or not) will arrive at your place bearing lemon herb sorbet tomorrow night.
LizD: Yum!

Liz wants to thank Patrick and Lynne for keeping Milo out of her hair. With their help yesterday Alex and I: went to yoga. Went to brunch. Picked up painting supplies. Borrowed a drop cloth. Took apart my entire bathroom. Learned how to spackle. Rented a zipcar. Drove to Ikea for 15 aluminum picture frames. Sanded and painted my bathroom. Cleaned every single surface. Put bathroom back together. Ate Indian food.
LizL: Intense.
Dav: You should have taken over a small Eastern European republic while you were at it. And submit a new definition of "overachiever" in the OED.
A: You forgot "watched Stepbrothers" and "created layout schemata for pictures to be hung in bathroom."
Kristo: There are no words.
LizD: Dave: I'm actually gunning for chancellorship of the entire EU. But I will settle for my own HG show first. Kind of a Naked Chef meets This Crappy Ass Old Apartment. Naked Urban Decorating?

LizL: Yes of course I'd play strip poker. I've also wanted to have an orgy with my closest friends.
LizD: Now that I safely won the game, I admit it: I probably wouldn't steal babies off the black market.
LizL: I knew it!

LizD: Here's what I had to say about the American Craft Beer Fest last weekend. Please make a note of it [link to this blog].
Ry: Good to know that I can freely ignore any opinions you might have about beer.
LizD: What, do you have some kind of berlinerweiss fetish?
Ry: Sixpoint Righteous Rye is my idea of a perfect beer, and I love Stoudt's Kolsch this year, so basically I know I should go pick up anything you hate.
LizD: Hah! Fair enough. Though if you have any interest in chocolate stouts, you still might want to try High & Mighty's Two-Headed Beast. So amazingly good.
Ry: Remind me again in November. With this weather all I can think about is Kolsh, Modelo and Red Stripe.
LizD: Ok, Modelo is something we can wholeheartedly agree on. What I wouldn't give for a three-beer lunch and some queso fundido right about now!
Ry: Check and check!
B: Too bad it was just a New England craft brew fest. Best American brewers are from the Midwest of West Coast (Stone, Founder's, Three Floyd's, Bell's and Rogue).
B: Or rather, Midwest OR West Coast. I'll add the Great Divide while I'm here.
LizD: It was all-America, actually, not just NE. I tried stuff from NY, PA, UT, CA. Bells wasn't there, but the rest of your faves were. I just hate IPAs, so I steered clear of Stone and Founders, and teh Rogue line was a mile long and that's something I know I can find in stores no problem.

LizL: I'm sad to have missed [Rachel's farewell barbecue].
Ra: I miss the Polaroids but these came out great, Liz!
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