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I only have four months to plan this party

The theme for my birthday this year is Summer of Sam! a world of punk, disco, and senseless killing sprees. So far I've rented the space, I've started soliciting people for 70's dance music, and I am starting to shop for costume pieces. It's September right now. My party will be in January. My birthday preparations are starting to feel like a presidential reelection campaign.

One thing that I am particularly excited about is my lack of a set costume. I have decided to spend the next few months shopping Goodwill and different thrift/vintage stores, and just dressing more 70's in general. If you've seen Serpico, I'm thinking my life will be similar to his undercover evolution.

So far I've had two shopping excursions: $17 for a huge, billowing, b&w sundress AND a pair of ankle-lace black closed-toe espadrilles (sadly, while those shoes were adorable and comfortable, the dang glue holding the shoe to the espadrille part came completely undone. DRAT. That is what you get for buying cheap second-hand shoes. I wish I knew a place that would fix them . . .). And last night $27 for a brown and white spotted ring from Salmagundi AND an awesome pendant of an owl in four linked sections so it moves with you, and hangs about sternum level. I have never been much of a shopper, so this is pretty exciting for me, and I am kind of psyched about my campaign of 70's immersion. I have a whole bunch of 40YO movies on my netflix queue.

Also, if you have seen Summer of Sam, there's a part where Jennifer Esposito says, "blonde me!" because David Berkowitz is only murdering brunettes. In the immortal words of Jennifer Esposito . . . I just might. My sister suggested this, and I think it's kind of a brilliant idea. However, I've never died my hair EVER and I'm not sure I have the guts. we'll see.

Here is a flashback to last May. Featured commentors include: Hugh Beckett, Rich Burns, Lisa Cahill, Susan Doran, Debbie Finkelstein, Jameel Haque, Liz Laneri, Matt Marrone, Patrick O'Hanlon, Maak Pelletier, Kelly Ralabate, Brad Reed, Tim Sawicki, Larry Shiman, Jen Toth, Lindalea Wells, Darin Woolpert.

Mat: I'm even worse at drawing on an ipad than in real life.
LizD: I'm even worse at figuring out how to rotate pictures on facebook thatn you are at drawing on an ipad.

H: Enjoy! [article on Danny Trejo]
LizD: I'm sorry, did you just say something? I don't speak Spanish.
LizD: "He said to improvise. So I kick in the door, somebody jumps up, I bash them with the shotgun, and I ask this guy, 'Oh, you wanna die, huh?' This lady starts screaming, and I put this gun right in her face. So the director yells, 'Cut! Cut! God, Danny, where did you study?' I said, 'Let me see. Von's. Safeway. Thrifty Mart."

LizD: Not sure how I feel about this - it's a commencement speech given by David Foster Wallace in 2005 that reads like a preliminary suicide note. [link]

LizD: Woah woah woah let me get this straight. Multiple man spontaneously fractures into duplicate selves every time he experiences kinetic energy? So 20 minutes into a dodgeball game, you would have an army of clones? This might be the most annoying superpower ever. If he had any sense he would lock himself in a vault and just hit himself in the face every time he needed to send a new him to go pick up some Chinese food.
B: This is the nerdiest thing I have ever heard you say. I approve.
LizD: Oh, I'm just a layman looking in. This whole Multiple Man storyline has a flimsier premise than most Spanish soap operas.
P: Is this a "Lost" thing or an "X-Man" thing?
Da: The implication has always been that there was a threshold, so that he doesn't multiply when a mosquito lands on him or a breeze ruffles his hair. I forget if they have a mechanism for absorbing his clones or if, through logarithmic growth, he will eventually take over the world.
But for that matter, why do Kitty Pryde's clothes not fall off every time she passes through a wall?
Ja: Who the f is multiple man?
T: Kitty Pryde's clothes do fall off. What you see is body paint.
LizD: "James Arthur 'Jamie' Madrox, also called the Multiple Man, is a fictional character, a Marvel Comics superhero, associated with the X-Men." I looked him up because it was brought to my attention that friends of a friend named their kid Madrox in his honor. Is this their way of saying their baby has a split personality disorder?
P: Strangely there are more extreme naming scenarios [link to my sister said if I get one million fans she will name her baby Megatron]
LizD: Oh, snap! Is that legally binding? When Megatron goes post-op, she can just go by Meg Atron.

LizD: It's been years since the 13 hour brunch and the last wedding we were at, but I was happier knowing you were in the world. We'll miss you, Jake.

Liz is counting down the days until Kristen & Ryan & Wayne are Bostonians again!

LizD: Finally, someone who understands *exactly* why I hate talking on the phone. [link to the Oatmeal]
K: I loooove the Oatmeal. And I also despise talking on the phone.
LizD: "Yeah, so that's my story . . .

That about sums it up . . .

'The End' heh heh . . .

So yeah . . ."
LizL: No you hang up. No you! No . . . you!
De: I also hate talking on the phone. This is great.

H: I demand you make this for an upcoming supper club. I will dress as Nice Pete. [link to Nice Pete's fried chicken recipe]
LizD: You always dress as Nice Pete. Then again, I read lines like: "I admit Old Bay will do in a pinch, but you must use more of it, and the whole dish will reek of compromise" and I start to wonder if Nice Pete has just been dressing as *you.*

LizD: Summer is almost here, and after a brief hiatus, we will be starting strong [nia invite]
Lis: I'll be there one of these nights soon!

Je: Hey girlie, thank you for my mixed CD. Sorry it's taken so long to thank you! It's on heavy rotation.

Liz wants you to come check out the Footlight Club's Cabaret - this weekend only, Thurs/Fri/Sat, at the recession-friendly price of $5. It's a great show!
R: Well, if you say so . . . :-)
Maa: R pets allowed?
Lin: What time on Saturday?
Liz D: All shows are 8pm. Maaak, um, I doubt it unless you come down with an acute case of blindness between then and now.
La: I think I'm coming tonight - can't wait!

S: I love how they continue to be scared after the initial shock. [link to youtube video]

Liz will be in Disneyworld this tiem tomorrow!

De: This is a great picture of you.
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