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Fall is upon us/Remembering last April

It's been an incredible summer. I hate talking about it in the past tense, but I did give it the perfect send-off last weekend.

July was full of my favorite things: Reunion with family and good times with Matty, a trip to Italy with my parents, a long weekend dancing with hippies at Grassroots. I was able to make my one pilgrimage of the year to Horseneck Beach, and one action-packed trip to NYC and my old stomping grounds. I made the best use of what little Boston time I had - painted my hallway, kitchen and dining room almost single-handedly (I'm endebted to Susan for coming up and helping me on one of my sweltering kitchen days); went to Liz Bean's awesome pool party, and took Luna on her first ever hike! Also got to spend a great day shadowing Kristen for her day-in-the-life photo shoot.

This past weekend was quite possibly the Lizzest of them all. I managed to assemble a team of adventurers who were almost complete strangers to each other, and together we took on the wilds of Pennsylvania. Rachel-from-the-Footlight and I drove down on Friday morning, and met Greg-from-high-school at our campsite, where he greeted us with some of his famous avocado/clementine salad, and we made short work of my monster tent. We checked out the "neighborhood" for the next couple of hours, which included a boardwalk trail to some waterfalls, and some strolling through the quiet backstreets of Milford looking at cool houses.

For dinner we met Martin (my old mentor from Dodge), his wife Cheryl, and Ken (one of my old poets) at a great cafe in town, which houses a reconstructed and fully functional waterwheel; this was the only cultural outpost for miles when M&C moved here. We ate great food, had quite a few drinks, and swapped our favorite Italian curses. My new fave: She's such a bitch, I hope she dies on her birthday.

Saturday morning at 8:25 sharp, Craig (Steph's friend) showed up at our camp and we all headed down to Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom. It was The Perfect Day for it - 80degrees and sky so clear and blue you ached to look at it. We spent six hours all over the water park, acting like a pack of kids. Then we spent the next five hours at the action park, where we rode every single frikkin' roller coaster, some of them three times. It's days later and I think we're all still hoarse from screaming.

That night, exhausted from sun, adrenaline and laughing our faces off, we were stubbornly determined to get the fire going. It took hours, but the vigil was worth it.

Sunday was no less idyllic; after brunch on Main Street USA we went for a great hike along a ridge in the Poconos, and descended a ravine to see a series of waterfall pools. I said goodbye to summer with a quick swim in a rock grotto with the light coming in at a dramatic slant. Blissed out.

And now I'm going to flash back to last April under the cut. Featured commentors include: Hugh Beckett, Jack Bennett, Kristen Bonstein, Rich Burns, Denise Davis, Zach Davis, Debbie Finkelstein, Emily Hennessse, Eleza Kort, Liz Laneri, Steph Luzzi, Little Fio Maher, Matt Marrone, Lauren McAvoy, Angus Merry, Chuck Meyer, Jon Myers, Zach Minton, Kristopher Moreau, Patrick O'Hanlon, Rodney Raftery, Jenny Rainey, Brad Reed, Susan Rice, Abby Ruby, Mike Torres, Jen Toth, Mary V, Darin Woolpert

Liz leaves this afternoon for Easter in the homeland. Not sure if I'll have any free time, but if you're in the vicinity of Poughkeepsie this weekend, hollah at me!
Ri: I am not but I'll holla anyway.

Liz kind of wants to write a new, fictionalized biography of Lee Miller.
Mat: Wow, had never heard of her before. Pretty wild.
LizD: I know, right? What a story. There are two bios of her that I know of, but I think I could come up with a new angle. Anyway, it's a thought.
St: Get writing, girlie. I want to read that book!

Liz's old conversation partner just walked into her office. This was rather unexpected as she lives in Rome now.
St: So it was a nice surprise?
LizD: Yes! I get a total kick out of her. And now that I have her contact info, I might actually visit her in Italy this summer. If I go to Italy this summer. Stay tuned.

Liz had to work blue to explain her opening choreo to Two Ladies. Next up: planning the orgy scene without causing any unwanted pregnancies.
Ab: I am always causing unwanted pregnancies.

Mat: I'm feeling charitable - and I like all the offers I've gotten. So Ryan Flieger, Stephanie Claire Luzzi, Liz Doran, Marcia Fassino-Veach and Rebecca Marrone - you ALL get CDs! Can't wait for the pancakes, waffles, meatballs, hugs, Boston fun and Las Vegas decadence. I'M HOLDING YOU TO IT!

Liz wonders how much wine and cheese you can safely stuff in a person.
Em: "Safely" is so relative . . .
Ri: About 3 gallons of wine and 45 pounds of cheese . . . ah, high school . . .
Zach M: Rich, it sounds like you have a little experience with the human tolerance for wine and cheese.
Ri: In terms of stuffing other people with wine and cheese (allegedly against their will) then the answer is yes . . .
Liz D: Methinks Rich has some creative ideas about whence these articles might be crammed. Ew.
Kriste: Ha! Picturing someone bursting at the seams, with brie oozing out the seams. Mm . . . brie.
Ri: You thinks correctly.
LizD: Maybe I should just make a life-size golem out of puff pastry, fill with brie, and bake!
C: Are you allowed to remove the organs first?
Zach D: So basically we're discussing a giant Wicker Man, filled withi cheese, doused with wine, and set ablaze.
Liz D: I think 10 out of 10 medical professionals agree that it is inadvisable to replace one's internal organs with dairy products.
LizD: And Zach, yes. I'm guessing this is a party you would cross state lines for?
Lit: Is the person alive? Because if they're dead, you'd be surprised.
Kristo: Let's find out . . .One, two, three - POP! - Three.

Liz will pay this cold $100 to be allergies instead.
Ri: This cold will not be sold.
Liz D: What if I sweeten the deal with some very high-end antihistemenes and your favorite cherry lozenges, Cold?
B: You should call up Goldman and ask about their synthetic disease swap portfolio.
Ja: Da cold is to be $old, not to be told.
Liz L: I also have a bad cold. Perhaps we gave it to one another in our 12+ hours of hanging out??
Deb: Colds last 1-2 weeks, allergies last all season and come back every year, you sure you want to make that swap?
Liz D: Liz: Gah! I think that means we caught it from the same (other) person at the same tiem. Debbie: Allergies and I have been starring in buddy cop movies for years - there's no way the sarge would split us up. Colds are the drug traffickers that are trying to shoot me in the line of duty.
Kristo: Count yourself lucky, a cold is for a week, allergies are forever.

Liz L: That cat is really weighing you down.
Liz D: Oh, Mayor Fatpants, I really hope that's your back paw and not . . . something else.

Liz can only imagine how hard up for cash you must be if you think it's worth it to break into my damn car, steal the cheapest stereo Circuit City will sell, along with about 30 mix CDs. In related news, I miss my mix CDs and I'm looking for charitable donations. (Matty, your new one is safe in my house).
El: TERRIBLE. My car got broken into about eight years ago and I lost all of my CDs at the time . . . It's like being violated!
Ri: That sucks! Desperate indeed. There will be some mix relief come Saturday.
Liz L: Oh no!!! Sorry Liz! What about all the mixes I gave you?
Ro: I have 4,000 songs on my itunes. Can make you a mix or two if you give me some direction.
B: Liz - I'm thinking of investing in a sniper rifle that I can use to pick off car vandals from my roof. You want in?
Kristo: Crap did they break your window or your door lock?
H: Someone stole mix CDs????
B: As I said - sniper rifle. I've had my side mirrors smashed by some assbag THREE TIMES over the past year. Whatever scumbag keeps pulling this shit simply needs to be killed. No one will miss him.
P: It was a crime of opportunity. No, wait. Stupidity. That's nuts! Mix CD for the recovery effort is in the works.
Liz L: Brad, you're scaring me.
Jen T: Oh man, serious thumbs down!
Liz D: Thank you for your sweet offers of mixes! And thank you for not judging me for turning this crap situation to my advantage. Laneri: They aer actually safe in my bookbag! I've been listening almost exclusively to the songs I have to learn for the Cabaret. Brad: How about a sniper air rifle? We're too pretty to go to prison. Hugh: Uhh yeah. I know I have awesome taste in music, but still. Toothless jerks. Rodney: To give you an idea the first few bands to come up on my ipod are: Human League, The Who, Goldfrapp, Sufjan Stevens, The Faint.
St: That is so crappy. Sorry, Lizard.
Liz D: Oh, and Kristopher: Neither. The front passenger door was open. While most people will be like, oh, you were asking for it, I would like to point out that a three year old with a screwdriver could break into a Saturn, and if the door was locked I would be paying an extra hundred bucks to repair said door.
Su: Well put Liz . . . I had my car broken into back in the day . . .they pried out the lock, and months later, with the lock barrel HANGING out of the door (you just need to turn the barrel to unlock it . . . even though it was unlocked), I still had someone smash my window to get in. I started leaving my window down after that.
I am so sorry that happened to you!
Jen T: Maybe the people who stole the mixed CDs were crazy misguided gardeners? My parents were busy hanging CDs like crazy from trees to scare off birds or something. Maybe my parents did it!
An: Perhaps Brad's onto something. This whole karma thing is not proving to be an effective deterrent. Mix's are on the way. Hope you like metal!
La: :-( Not cool, Boston, not cool. As soon as I get back to the States all the ones you ever gave me will be rapidly reproduced!

Liz would follow the Nickel & Dime Band to the ends of the Earth.
B: Word. Do they have a web page with upcoming gigs?
Mar: Glad it was a good night! I was sorry to miss it, hope to see them sometime soon.

H: I don't know if your car is watertight anymore, but it might be worth bringing it around [link to Princess Leia carwash]
Liz D: Hey Princess, my car is FILTHY. Make sure you get all up in there. Mmm. Love, Jerri.

Liz: These volcano pics look like something out of a Peter Jackson film - amazing, otherworldly.
Ri: Wow! Those are amazing!
Mar: And I was *so* close to seeing them with my own eyes . . .
Jenn: Mouth agape, woah.
Jon: I'm totally fascinated by the life imitates art stance of your comment.
Liz D: Indeed! You have abstraction that imitates life. You have realism that approximates life. And then you have superrealism - supernaturalism? - that life occasionally astounds you by imitating.

Liz is having a conversation with a linguist who just made a reference to a schwa sound. I have a vague recollection of discussing this in phonics class in 1986, but I had a lot on my mind back then, like, why wouldn't my mom let me be a brownie girl scout? And what is MacGuyver's first name?
Ri: His first name is Angus.
Liz D: Duh. Everybody knows that *now*. Where were you when I was seven?
Ri: Now my feelings are hurt. :-(
Ri: I kid :-)
Liz D: Sorry, I get a little touchy when it comes to Richard Dean Anderson trivia. He was MINE until that Mayim Bialik bitch came along. "Ooooh, look, I'm an adorable underage schoolgirl with snappy comebacks. I need your help to get me out of this jam, MacGuyver, you're my only hope." That underage schoolgirl should have been me! MEEEE!
Ri: Hah! No worries. I totally understand.
Mik: MacGuyver is actually not the way it should be written. His name was Mick Guyver, but producers felt they could attract more Scots and Irish with the Mac.
Btw, I talk about the schwa on a pretty regular basis and I had a thing for Blossom back in the day. What can I say? I love kooky broads.
Den: I thought it was MacGruber??
Da: There is also a schwar, which I like to imagine as the most adorable dinosaur ever.
Kriste: But is he cunning?
Liz D: A lady never tells!
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