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My latest craze

A couple of years ago, during a particularly bad breakup, I decided to redecorate my apartment. I hung a parasol from the ceiling, reupholstered my dining room chairs, painted a cabinet in my bathroom, went through tons of papers that were just sitting in the dark multiplying, bought little decorative bowls for my jewelry to live in, reorganized my book collection and put cool objets d'arte on the shelves. I still look at those little touches and feel grateful to myself for pouring all my misery-energy into something productive instead of wallowing in self-pity and watching marathons of Bridget Jones' Diary.

Now under happier circumstances, I am decorating again! Last week I started thinking about how I've been in my apartment for five years - which is great, because I love living there, and is also a little scary, as, whew-boy! five years! really sneaks up on you. The last time I spent five years doing something, it was working at my old job in the poetry factory, a job I dearly loved. When I hit five years, I felt like bragging to everyone. When I hit five years and a day, and I knew suddenly with crystal clarity that I did not want to ever have to say I had been there for six years. So I quit my job and moved to Boston.

Since I know how therapeutic redecorating can be for me, and since the last thing I want to do is have some kind of a freaky melt-down and move to Eugene, Oregon or something, I have decided to redo my whole place. I am both celebrating my five year anniversary with this apartment, and tricking myself into thinking I have moved someplace new and exciting.

My assignment: 30 Things in 30 Days. I outlined this whole project eight days ago, and since the start date last Saturday, I've completed six things, and I'm on pace to complete three more by Sunday. So far I've gotten rid of a whole bunch of stuff, made two flower arrangements, painted my bathroom Silver Streak, framed two little Mucha prints, bought 15 aluminum frames for a bathroom photo gallery, and painted my hallway half Roasted Coffee Beans and half Secret Rendezvous (I don't know what Benjamin Williams is smoking, but this is basically the color of raspberry sauce). I've ordered a Dali decal for the hallway which has yet to arrive: http://www.etsy.com/listing/49970611/two-little-birds-sitting-in-a-cherry?ref=sr_list_31&ga_search_query=dali+decals&ga_search_type=handmade&ga_page=0&order=price_asc&includes[]=tags&includes[]=title
And tonight I'm going to frame 14 pics I've taken of people in bathrooms to hang in my bathroom. Right on.

And here's what I was up to back in March. Featured commentors include: Joey Arbeely, Hugh Beckett, Jack Bennett, Steve Bisso, Rich Burns, Dave Chin, Shannon Daly, Zach Davis, Susan Doran, Maureen Festa, Jameel Haque, Laura Kandziolka, Lara Kimmerer, Liz Laneri, Greg Marano, Brian Marshall, Sachin Master, Cara McAvoy, Chuck Meyer, Rachel Moliere, Theresa Musante, Scott O'Riordan, Maak Pelletier, Jenny Rainey, Sue Rella, Susan Rubin, Jon Swinghammer, Mary Vriniotis, Darin Wolpert

Liz is on a quest for garlic naan.
Jac: Aren't we all? Mmm, naan . . .
T: How true. I'm always on a quest for naan.
Je: Mmm tasties! Dip it in hummus!
Ca: We have some great naan out here in San Fran!
B: This requires a quest? I can't go ten feet without tripping over it.
Liz D: Mission accomplished! It was for dipping in a roasted pepper sweet potato soup with a spicy corn garnish. Garlic naan makes it a million times better. Brian: Jealous. Cara: It has been way too long!

Liz is going to participate in National Rebuilding Day - helping with unskilled construction tasks in JP - in exchange for a free day at Disneyworld!

Liz learned there is a new way to get on her shit list: Describe The Devil in the White City as "pedestrian."
Z: Does Herman W. Mudgett have to chloroform a bitch?
G: I found it quite non-pedestrian. It drives around town in an Audi and honks at Nicholast Sparks to get out if its way if he doesn't want to be incinerated alive during the World's Fair.
Sa: Who called it pedestrian? Ranks among my favorite books.
Liz D: Sachin: A random douchy guy I met last night. I would sooner articulate his skeleton than waste my time arguing with him.
Dar: Maybe you misunderstood him? Maybe he meant to indicate that the dangers horses represented to people walking on foot was one of the minor themes of the book but he nonetheless found it fascinating.
Z: Or maybe he feels that he is a far superior ladykiller than The Mudge and was speaking about the actual Devil, rather than the book.
Although, if that's the case, you should probably avoid him anyway.

Sue: Everyone likes Liz's smile. Duh.

Liz thinks you should catch tonight's closing performance of Foreverendia. It's like Peter Pan meets The Bridge to Terabithia.

Liz works in a mansion as some of you know . . . and the woman who used to live here just walked in and told me she and "Uncle Peter" used to share it as a study.
Ri: Freaky . . .
Z: Better than Uncle Wiggly.
Liz D: I kind of wish she has a spooky message from the ghost of Uncle Peter. Like, if we don't go co-ed we'll be sorrrry. Or that he is deeply offended by the profanity of the Onion articles I taped up and if I don't take them down he will make the wall start bleeding.
Lau: Also better than Uncle Ernie.

Liz L: This is who I was talking about. He made really great music. :-(
Liz D: Ugh. So sad. I really want to know what the hell the text said.
Ra: OMG I listened to them!
Liz L: What text?
Liz D: The article said he got a text that upset him, went upstairs, then snuck outside and shot himself in the chest.
Liz L: Oh yes, I thought you meant the one that I got.

Liz is taking her car in for what might be her final maintenance. It's been a magnificent eight years, old girl!
Sc: How many miles did you get it up to?
Liz D: It's a little over 140K now. I figure if I keep it past 150K it won't be worth doing any major repairs, so I'll just ditch it then rather than wait for the whole exhaust system or the engine to blow.
Sh: I don't know . . . mine's at 299,078 :-)
H: Woah! What kind of car?
Sh: '99 Honda Accord. Apparently it was a good year?
Liz D: Holy crap, Shannon! Why didn't I buy a Honda? The trouble with my Saturn is that according to the blue book, I could probably replace the hand crank for the window and double the value of the car.
Sh: Ouch! I think its number is up, then. I'm waiting until mine A) dies or B) needs a repair that is so expensive I shout "noooo!" whilst falling to my knees and shaking my fist at the heavens.

Liz D: It took a steady stream of beer, coffee and pizza, and periodic shaking and nose flicking, but Hugh actually kept me awake for all of The Big Lebowski! The next time I have a concussion I know who to call.
Mar: I still can't believe this was a struggle for you. Sigh . . .
Ch: Geez, Liz. Everything's a fucking travesty with you.
Susan D: Did you at least like it??
Liz D: It's not that I don't like it, it just lulls me to sleep like a newborn baby on a car ride.
Mar: At least you liked it enough to change your description on your profile page!
Jon: Maybe you have a condition that makes you fall asleep when being exposed to something completely awesome.
Jam: Best movie ever.
Ca: Concussion . . . are you all right???
Lar: I have the same reaction to this movie! I've tried to love it. Maybe I should give it another shot.
Liz D: Cara: Yeeeeah, no concussion. Never had one. I'm just saying, keeping me awake can be a full-time job.

Liz is picking Matty up from the train in a few short hours! Yay!!

Liz D: Spring is finally here and the weather is perfect for dancing!
Mar: Have you tried selling various gyms like the Y's on hosting Nia classes? I know you might make less but you might build your client base.
Liz D: YES. Sadly, no dice.

Liz is eternally grateful to Matt - and Temmy Potters - for taking her yearbook hostage.

Liz hopes that by the end of this involuntary personal day her dishwasher will FINALLY be hooked up and her car will no longer have an "obnoxious burning plastic smell," to quote her mechanic.
St: Honey, you're not supposed to wash the car in the dishwasher. Thought you knew better than that!
Liz D: Maybe this year Santa will buy me a dishwasher big enough to drive a Smartcar into. A girl can dream!

Liz D: Finally. [Pres. Obama embraces Sec. Clinton as Health Care passes.]
Liz D: The thumbnail doesn't do justice to what a great picture this is.

Liz D: Apparently I am a living stereotype of a homosexual man. [Onion article.]
Ri: Ha!
Ra: . . . I didn't want this to go public Liz.

Joe: 1) Awesome pic to the left << and, 2) judge a chili cookoff (or compete) in a few weeks?

Liz is curious to learn how she is going to find the time to stuff and hide 50 eggs, plan a menu, shop and cook the food, clean her house, come up with a playlist, be a rock star and learn to choreograph. This weekend.
Ri: Use the force . . .
Dave: You've got the last 2 covered.
Liz D: Thanks for the vote of confidence, Dave! But this will actually be the first time I sing in a real live band [Bill's Kitchen - Sunday night at the Midway, ya'll!] and the first time I'll ever DJ a dance party at a club [afterwards]. And while I come up with dance class choreo all the time, choreographing a theatrical number is a whole nother story. In the cliche industry this is what they like to call "biting off more than you can chew."
Mau: I can help you stuff and hide eggs tomorrow morning if you'd like.
Liz D: Well that is incredibly sweet of you! But I'd feel bad putting you to work whenyou can't even make it to the party.
Mau: Well I don't mind and I'm bummed I'm gonna miss it, so I'd be happy to.
Liz D: Thanks, Maureen! Feel free! I haven't hidden the eggs yet and there's definitely cooking to be done. I have band practice at noon and I have to go to the grocery store, but I'd say anytime after 9:30 I'll be back and ready for help.

Susan R: You really worked it tonight! Great vox and dancing/front woman presence.
Liz D: Thanks, Susan!! That means a lot coming from you. And I was so happy to hear you hit those high notes in The Lion Sleeps Tonight - that was just what we were missing! :-)

Mau: Liz, gah! Never checked in here after Fri . . . sorry I didn't help; hope you had a great time!
Liz D: No worries, Maureen. Got it all done - thankfully Fish and Rob came over after band practice nd we had a little cooking party all afternoon. Sometimes it takes a village to make an egg hunt!

Liz just got a call from her mechanic who says that . . . there is absolutely nothiung wrong with her car. This rush of euphoria is so unexpected I might actually pass out.
Mau: Do you have a good local mechanic?
Liz D: I really like the guys at Arborway. There have been three or four times when they could have totally taken advantage of me and didn't.
Maa: 200,000 here you come!
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