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I got back from Disneyworld a couple of weeks ago. I frikkin' love that place. I mean, really, you just have fun all day every single day. I went with my parents and my sister and we rode every. single. ride. We also toured the Life of Walt Disney exhibit which was cool. Think about it: the man was born before there were CARS. In his lifetime he not only witnessed the birth of television and talking pictures, he grew up and invented cartoons, became king of tv and movies, and invented the theme park so you could enter the world of his cartoons and movies. I know that it isn't particularly hip or urban to love the Disney empire. But I have about five friends who have worked for the Disney family in some capacity, and they all *still* love Disney, so that's saying something. Also, I love that Southern Baptists have been boycotting Disney since the mid-90's when they decided to stand by Ellen, and when they refused to "crack down" on the unofficial Gay Day at the park.

I love the Magic Kingdom because I still remember what it's like to be 6 years old. I love Epcot because it is possible to have snacks from around the world in one afternoon, and spend the evening imaginging the world of the future of the '60's, which is really the world of now in some kind of alternate reality. I love Disney Studios because I got my mom to ride the Aerosmith Rock & Rollercoaster with me, and because I finally got the hang of that new Toy Story ride. I might love Animal Kingdom most of all because seeing a new Disney park for the first time ever is a pretty magical experience, and because it feels like the Magic Kingdom for grown-ups; I adore the way you can walk 10 feet and feel like you're immersed in a different world, and the thrill rides seemed more intense, and I also got to lose half an hour gazing at a 3 month old gorilla hanging out with his mom.

Even the water parks were great! We did this trip right; two days at MK and Epcot, arriving in time for opening ceremonies and staying right on through the fireworks, then on day 3 my sister and I took off for Blizzard Beach where we rode our favorite slides a million times, sunned, gossiped over root beer floats, and used the lazy river to get everywhere. We got our kicks, but we also got some extremely valuable naptime. And while we were doing that, my parents were spending another leisurely day at Epcot. Days 4 & 5 were action-packed - AK, DS - and then our very last day we split up again, and Susan and I got to hang out at Typhoon Lagoon - much tamer than BB, and again, perfectly timed as a recovery day from a very intense week. I took the 5-story plunge multiple times, and we rode every single slide at least once, and I got to snorkel with actual fish, but all-in-all we were way more relaxed.

While I'm itemizing things, I should say that the very first day of our trip, I led us around all the different resorts via buses, monorail and boat, and we ended the evening at Camp Wilderness, eating s'mores around the campfire and watching Swiss Family Robinson outside. It was such a great time. And there was a point in the Walt Disney video where he says that he got the idea to build the park while he was watching his kids on a carousel, wishing there was something fun that parents and kids could do together . . . and my mom got a little misty, which made me a little misty. It's a great place because everybody really is happy doing exactly the same thing together.

Anyway, enough about that. The personal archieving continues! Here's what I was up to last February. Guest commentators include: Chrissy Banks, Rishi Basu, Hugh Beckett, Aaron Blohowiak, Kristen Bonstein, Rich Burns, Lisa Cahill, Denise Davis, Maureen Festa, Debbie Finkelstein, Matt Finn, Dan Goldstone, Emily Hennessee, Han Su Kim, Liz Laneri, Kristopher Moreau, Patrick O'Hanlon, Maak Pelletier, Brad Reed, Bridget Stoyko, Katie Taylor, Jen Toth, Liz Zdunich

Liz: [link to unhappyhipsters.com] This blog is like the Museum of Bad Architecture. Brilliant.
E: I just discovered this one, too! Love it, though I'd still take any of those places over my apartment any day.
Liz D: ANY of them? Really? What about the row of cubes with the gravel yard? Or the plywood coffin one? Honestly, I look at most of those places and immediately start redecorating them in my mind so they look like places I actually want to live in.
Ric: Awesome!
Liz D: Also, I feel like the guy who lives here [link] is the kind of guy who would jump up and start scrubbing the tablecloth with seltzer if it got a spot of wine on it. I guess what I'm saying is I couldn't date this apartment, nevermind marry it.
Ric: These are the kind of people who remind me why the Mau Maus killed whitey.
Liz L: Amazing find. I've been sending this around to everyone I know.
E: It would just be such a crazy experience to live in some of them! Ok, maybe not the wooden coffin . . .

Liz is attending Love Night.
Liz D: What a relief! The Fact Police are on the case.

Deb: Such a fun party!

Liz was just turned away from the Common Ground for having an expired license. Yes, that's right, the license that I got five years after I could drink is SO OLD that it's expired . . . which means that for all they know, I might have turned 20 again. God, if only it were that easy.
Mau: I'll never renew my license again if that's all it takes!
Ric: I feel your pain . . .

Liz D: I should listen to NPR more often. [Link: At Large: Teen Bandit. Even Larger: His Legend.]

Liz took her first ever capoeira class today. Love at first sight.
P: It's an incredible art. Was it at the Cambridge Dance Complex?
Liz D: Yes! I want to go back today, but my legs are still on fire.

J: Dinner with Liz!

Liz thinks the pesto and tomato eggs benny at Centre Street was the best thing she's eaten this month.

Liz D: How cute is this kid?? [picture of Wayne]
Da: And the baby is cute too!
Liz D: Puhahahah! Nice.
Da: ;-)
Kristo: Awwwwwww
Bra: aaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwww
Bri: Sooooo adorable! Who is he?
Liz D: This is Kristen & Ryan's baby Wayne! He's 7 months old.
C: Lol thought he was yours well congrats on holding the baby he is cute, how are you?
Liz D: Hah! If I had a baby for every time I held a baby . . . we could beat the Duggar family in a tug of war. I'm great! You? Your son is adorable, btw.

Hu: Thought you might like this: Sleep No More rememberances.
Liz D: Woah. I've never been in on the ground floor of a wiki before! It's both fascinating and daunting.

Liz needs a new writing project.
Ric: A day in the life JP - pick a day - take pictures
Revise old poems and throw away the crappy ones
A pop culture history of Poughkeepsie
Maa: I just realized I need a script for a 20 min ish puppet show, fam friendly, interactive, that relates to the topics of Brazil. To be performed March 20. Readyyyyyy go!
Liz D: Rich: You're right! I should totally start writing my pop culture history of Poughkeepsie book. Maak: Can you make puppets do capoeira? Because that's pretty much all I know about Brazil.
Bra: I'm writing a story about Charles Krauthammer forming his own moon colony. But I don't think that helps you at all.
Maa: Nice idea! . . . there will be kids there who know capoeira and they can kick the bad guys ass at the end, now I just need a middle and beggining . . . hhmmm?
A: Maak: The beginning should start with the sun.
Maa: Yes! We have one of those, rainbows and bunnies as well perhaps . . . for the begging or beginning . . . middle should have deforestation, monoculture, cows, bioprospecting.
A: Can there be a hooker with a heart of gold? Pleeeease?

Liz: It's official! I am too old to drink tequila. Now if you'll excuse me, I am about to be hospitalized for embarassment.
Kriste: Do the nurses wear duncecaps?
Liz D: Hahahhah. I wish I was kidding. Actually I had to go to urgent care because (I hope you're not eating anything right now) I THREW UP AND IT WENT UP MY EUSTACIAN TUBES AND HIT MY EARDRUM. Aaaaand when I went to the dr. she told me my eardrum could burst at any second. I think I'm in the clear at this point, but I'm still not allowed to fly in an airplane or go swimming for awhile. I am never drinking [tequila] again.

Liz: The road trip isn't over until Milo has licked your eyelid.
Ka: What a welcome!

Liz: In the case of me v. every guy I've ever dated, this is exhibit A, confirming that my OCD is really not that bad [link to an article].
Hu: "Not that bad." You know, next to Stalin, that Ceausescu guy was a-ok.
Ris: I like the image you set up here: a battlefield with you on one side, and the 437 guys on the other . . . and they are cowering as you raise your fistfull-of-lists!
It's like Thermopylae.
Liz D: Gee, Rishi, I appreciate your conservative estimate there.
Ric: Here, here, Hugh . . .

Liz L: I'm giving you full credit for my newfound party delegation skills. Why didn't I think of this before?! It's making my life so much easier . . . and the party will be a huge success because all my friends helped out! So thanks, Liz!!

Ka: Hey Liz, do you happen to have a regular size coffee maker we could borrow tonight, by any chance? I'm surveying the prospects of making 30 cafe au laits in my 3-cup maker and the word "nightmare" springs to mind . . .

Liz Z: Were we supposed to have brunch yesterday or is that next Sunday? eek!

Liz's tarot card reader was so dead on it's like she hacked into my email account and memorized all my outgoing messages.
Ha: Maybe she's an agent of the Chinese government?
Liz D: Now that we've cracked Operation Tarot, what will Americans turn to for psychic relationship advice? Tea leaves? Crap! China wins again.

Liz noticed that there is an upcoming seminar on diabetes that's being hosted by the Old Country Buffet. That's like Marlboro hosting a lung cancer expo and handing out free cigarette fun packs.
Lis: Right on Liz.
Ric: That's hilarious!
De: Maybe they are just trying to hit their target audience where it hurts.

Mat: The link you sent me didn't work. ;/
Liz D: Drat! Try this.
Mat: Got it - what fun pix!
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