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in memorium and last December

Last weekend my friend Jake from college was in an accident and died completely unexpectedly. It's been a sad and surreal week. It made me grateful for facebook as both the news and the pictures, memories, and sympathies were spread quickly throughout our little friend web. I've spent the past few days thinking about how fragile we are, how hard it is to protect the people we love from harm. I wish I had known Jake better; he was always someone I was happy to see. And the people who knew Jake best and loved him happen to be some of my favorite people on the planet, so I'm wishing I could be there with all of them this weekend as they come together in Jersey City and eat a feast from Jake's favorite falafel place. I may not ever have had a real heart to heart with Jake, and I haven't seen him in the past five years, but he was still part of the fabric of our group, and his absence leaves a jagged hole. We built up something amazing at Drew, and I know it's carried me through the past nine years. This week reminded me of that, though it's something I'm already grateful for every day.

Here's the next facebook post installment - how I spent last December. [There are a million featured commentators b/c I had a birthday]: Joey Arbeely, Rishi Basu, Liz Bean, Hugh Beckett, Jack Bennett, Steve Bisso, Jimmy Bourque, Rich Burns, Lisa Cahill, Kyle Capogna, Sydney Carella, Dave Chin, Alyc Clarke, Shannon Daly, Becky Dicks, Susan Doran, Nina Fanelli, Mary Ferrara, Healey Gabison, Rebecca Glucklich, Dan Goldstone, Rob Guptill, Ken Hart, Katharine Hoyt, Elissa Jordan, Kami, Mariko Kanto, Mike Kerrigan, Tom Kerrigan, Eleza Kort, Dan Kotler, Liz Laneri, Rachel LeBeaux, Steph Luzzi, Kristin MacDougall, Craig Maher, DJ Marquis, Matt Marrone, Chuck Meyer, Brian Moyer, Kelly Norton, Danny Oberman, Patrick O'Hanlon, Priscilla Orr, Jen Palange, Shawn Paulling, Danielle Poche, Carol Pyper, Ellen Rice, Susan Rubin, Bridget Stoyko, Nick Szobota, Jen Toth, Alison Trainor, Mary V, Lindalea Wells, Janet Wertman, Reggie Zimmerman

Liz spends January through November in intensive training for December, and is honored to accept the World Title for Most Things Accomplished in One Weekend.
Step: wants to hire you as her personal assistant. Can I pay you in cookies?

Liz had a great time with her conversation partner, talking about Harlem and recalling that time she rented a hotel room with a mirrored ceiling and the desk clerk asked if she wanted the room "for the whole night?"

Ric: Thanks for coming to the show. :-)

Liz just finished the Human Experience Triathlon and is offering up the movie rights.

Liz doesn't know why Brittany Murphy's death is hitting her harder than Heath Ledger's did, but there it is.
Step: I know. I was really shocked. She was actually born a few days after me, which sort of blows my mind because she apparently just dropped dead for no obvious reason, which is terrible, but also feels terribly close to home.
Mat: Do you guys think she is rolling with the holies now?
Step: I like the sound of it.
Ric: She was awfully thin, an in unhealthy looking . . . so it wasn't a surprise as Heath Ledger's death . . .
Shan: Yeah, I don't think she'd been eating much lately. :-(
Mary F: I know, too young. Also she was diabetic and on several prescription meds. Methinks that if you add an eating disorder onto that, well, that's not good.

Liz L: Let's do something!
Liz D: Are you mocking me?
Liz L: No! (maybe, sorta) I love those emails. They make me smile. :-) It's just in reference to our convo at Joey's.
Liz D: Put the turtle down . . . we're all at a party . . . everyone's cool . . . SHELLY!!! NOOOO!
Liz L: Relax, Jerri. They're just blowing off a little grief.
Liz D: I was with Poppy in her final moments, and she said to me, Jerri, please comfort my boyfriend . . . physically.
Liz L: (Go with what you know . . .)
Hey! Anybody want to go to a cockfight? I'll drive!

Liz is teaching her last Nia class before the holidays TONIGHT (class is on hiatus until Jan. 11). Come one, come all!
Liz L: If I get out of work on time, I'm there!
Step: I think everyone should go. It's good for your booty! (I need a job . . . right now I am trying out for Nia promoter. What do you think, Lizard?)
Liz B: Starting again soon . . . been away, and then swamped with holiday stuff . . . :-) Hope you're well . . . got your card . . . thanks!
Liz D: Stephie, I would love to hire you as a Nia promoter, but I could only pay you in Nia classes. And while Nia does give you a slammin' booty, it's not so good for paying the electric bill. I'll just pray for a Christmas employment miracle for you!

Liz realizes that packing for four days in snowy New York and eleven days in tropical Grand Cayman is more complicated than she thought. She predicts that today will be an excessively long lunch day.
Ch: This is why Linda and I bypassed going to cold Ohio and are going straight to Puerto Rico! On the plus side, the clothes for the Caymans won't take up much room. :-)
Liz D: Ooh! Have fun in Puerto Rico! That's another place I'd really like to get to.

Liz is going to see Sleep No More again - on January 30. You should, too!
Hu: I will try to attend.
Dav: I'm envious. I saw it once and wish I could see it again. Merry Christmas!
Mary V: Liz you are #4, I have one more ticket left!

Liz got pole dancing lessons for Christmas!
Ken: From a stripper? Maybe I know her.
Liz D: Are you intimately acquainted with Gypsy Rose?

Liz is safely in Grand Cayman! Time to sleep off the 14 hours of travel and the frozen mudslide she just had.
Ris: Hooray! Enjoy the sun for the rest of us!
Kr: Have a fantastic time!
Dani: Oh I am totally living vicariously on this one! We are so jealous!
Step: Is this your birthday present to yourself?
Liz D: Thanks guys!! Yes, this is my reward for turning 31.
Nin: Way to celebrate! Happy B-Day, Liz!
[bday cards from Stev, Shaw, Ali]
Nic: Happy birthday, Liz!
Kat: Happy birthday!
He: Happy birthday, lovely Liz! Have fun in the sun!
Pr: Happy birthday, Liz, you sweet young thing . . . :-) Priscilla
Mat: Happy birthday!!!
Ris: Happy birthday!!
Ky: Happy birthday from cold Michigan!
Ell: Hope you have a great birthday! Enjoy!!
Bria: Happy birthday!!!!
Liz L: Happy birthday! Hope you are having fun on the houseboat. I miss you and our talks already.
Susan R: Happy birthday, Liz! Hope you're enjoying some well-deserved rest and sunshine! XO
Mary F: Happy birthday Liz!
Mari: Happy birthday!
Sy: Happy birthday cousin I hope you are having so much fun.
Reb: Happy birthday!!!! Hope you're having a good time in the tropics!
Jan: Happy, happy birthday and happy next year and happy new year! Hope you're enjoying vacation . . .
Brid: Happy birthday Lizard!!! xoxoxoxo
Rob: Happy birthday, Liz!
Jac: Happy Birthday!
Jen P: Happy birthday Liz!
T: Happy birthday
Be: Happy birthday, gorgeous!
Jo: What they said . . .
Ca: Happy birthday Liz!! Hope you are having a blast! We will miss youon NYE!! Say hi to Kristina.
Ji: Happy birthday!!
Jen T: Happy birthday, lady!
Dann: Happy birthday!
Cr: Hey Liz, happy birthday.
Ele: Happy birthday Liz!!!! xoxoxo
Stev: Happy birthday, Liz!!!!
Ra: Happy birthay Liz! Enjoy your trips!
Kam: Happy! Happy! May it be the best ever!
Mi: Happy birthday cuz!!!!
Eli: Happy birthday gal!

Liz wants to thank you all for the sweet birthday wishes! Kristina planned a birthday extravagansa: caymanian eggs and sweetbread, swimming in her favorite cove, spa pedicures, LOBSTER RISOTTO for lunch, deep tissue massage, lounging some more on the beach, then a bikram class at Lululemon, where for $30 I will be enjoying unlimited yoga all week. Now it's on to sushi and bar hopping down the beach.
Kel: I'm jealous of your birthday. Happy bday, my friend.
Hu: If you could bring back some of those flavor peppers I would appreciate it.
Liz D: Thanks, Kel! Yes, Hugh, consider it part of your Christmas prezzie.
Dan K: Happy birthday!
Susan R: Wow!!!! :-)
Susan D: Luh-luh-lobster risotto???
Step: Sounds like a super-amazing-happy birthday!
Dan K: Do you have Lululemon in Boston too then?
Lis: Wow I do believe you've had the best birthday ever.
Lin: Holy best birthday ever!!! Tell Kristina hello and enjoy the island!!
Liz D: Thanks everybody! Wish you were all here with me.
Reg: Happy birthday, Liz! Hope to see you soon . . .
DJ: Happy birthday
Aly: Happy happy birthday! Sounds like it's been a good one.
Dan G: Happy day!
Ric: Happy birthday! Enjoy the warm weather for all it is worth!
Pa: Happy (belated) birthday!
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