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we cool/stop and remember last November

The other day a random guy on the internet asked me an interesting question: what's the coolest thing you did this month? I wasn't sure what to tell him, so I started making a list . . . and was utterly amazed at what I did in the span of 30 days. I am so busy looking forwards, I hardly ever look back! So here's a little reminder for myself.

1) The most rock & roll thing I did last month was . . . sing in a rock & roll band for the first time ever. Maak's band, Bill's Kitchen, played their second ever gig on Palm Sunday at the Midway. So they put together an entirely Jesus-themed set list, and they asked me to be a guest vocalist. I joined in for the second half, singing backup on Spirit in the Sky, then doing a mashup duet on Amazing Grace/House of the Rising Sun. Then in the third set I joined the chorus and had some featured solos: Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord, Lean on Me/The Lion Sleeps Tonight, Day by Day, Flesh Failures/Let the Sun Shine In, Jesus Christ Superstar. It was so. much. fun. And I also got to put together all the incidental music and dj the afterparty - I managed to find an hour's worth of Jesus/God/Devil/Heaven/Hell themed songs. And got such a kick out of hearing my playlist at a club!

2) The coolest things I saw last month were . . . Patrick's graduation improv show at Improv Asylum! A North shore choreography showcase! (which I will totally be stealing moves from) A roller derby double header! (my new favorite sport) Chlamydia Del'Arte! (Totally worth the six-hour drive)

3) The coolest projects I worked on last month were . . . teaching my Nia class - it's a struggle to stay in business, but it is a pretty cool thing to be doing. And I have an ongoing project where I do a day-in-the-life photo shoot of a friend once a month - I take two pictures an hour from the time they wake up until the time they go to bed. This month was Laneri, last month was Kristen - almost 10 years to the day from her last photo shoot when we were college roommates living in London.

4) The coolest oddball things I did were . . . this would be a tie between getting my tarot cards read, and hosting Matty, who is addicted to his iphone. We strolled around Castle Island while he read us The Cask of Amontillado (which Poe was inspired to write while he was stationed there), and we went walking around a graveyard in Salem at night and he cued up Thriller when I wasn't looking. Hah!

5) The coolest people I met were . . . my friend's new babies, both born in February! Cora and Henry.

6) and the coolest things I orchestrated were . . . four dinner parties and one pretty kick-ass egg hunt.

Here's what I was up to last November. Featured commentators: Hugh Beckett, Danielle Bowlin, Rich Burns, Dave Chin, Jason Cristofaro, Shannon Daly, Susan Doran, Annie Garrity, Dan Goldstone, Jameel Haque, Dan Kotler, Liz Laneri, Wes Livingston, Steph Luzzi, Brian Marshall, Lauren McAvoy, Brian Moyer, Jaye Matriano, Chuck Meyer, Brad Reed, Mike Torres, Mary Vriniotis, Lindalea Wells, Darin Wolpert

Liz is now single.
Bra: :-(
Sh: I second that. :-(

Liz spent Halloween night alone, club hopping in NJ. The makers of slutty costumes must be very happy NJ is part of the continental Us. Though the best costume I saw was homemade. This guy ws wearing what he thought was a toga but more closely resembled an adult diaper.
Jam: Was that some sort of punishment? Club hopping in NJ?
Liz D: It was either that or sit in the hotel and take advantage of the vice channel.
Liz D: Actually, I later found an Ethiopian club where they were performing live hip-hop and a Sars-mask-era Michael Jackson was one of the costume winners.
Brian Ma: The vice channel is where it is at!
Jay: Ha ha! :-) Hope to see you soon, Liz! :-)

Liz just disuaded her conversation partner from asking someone if he would like to "get sex" or "make laid."
Liz L: What is a conversation partner?
St: That was very smart. I assume you referred to the more socially appropriate, "Wanna go screw?"
Dar: Or "You and I make the baby, yes?"
Liz D: I think in Russian the literal translation is, "Please to have with me the sex." Laneri: I am teaching an Italian girl how to speak English. For about an hour a week we talk and I explain concepts like "hanging out," "chillin'," and "grabbing a bite to eat."
H: I would like to meet this girl immediately.
H: Wait, send me a picture first. Something with good lighting.
C: Hugh . . . and no facebook-angles?
Dav: Of course: that's the wrong idiom. It's "get laid" and "make sex."
Dan G: Who was she talking to, Borat? "Maken the sexy time?"
Liz D: You're right, Dave, she must have been learning English from Daft Punk. They are not known for their tutoring skills.
Bra: Yeeesh, did you have to tell all of Facebook about my sexytime propositions??!!??

Liz is trying to imagine what it would be like if you showed up for a blind date and found yourself sitting across from Arnold Schwartzenegger.
Jas: Haven't we all been there?
Jam: Which avatar? He may have been sent back in time to murder you, or to protect you. It's confusing.
Liz D: If there are cloth napkins and a wine list, he's probably not going to kill you. If he takes you to Red Lobster, it could go either way.
Brian Mo: "Last Action Hero" Arnie? Or "Jingle All the Way" Arnie? Discuss!
R: "So, you and Maria are no more?"
Liz D: If it was me, I figure first he'd try to impress me with what a fun party guy he is, but eventually prop 8 would come up and the evening would end either with me throwing a drink in his face, or with a Barbara Waltersesque sobfest where he would open up about steroid abuse and the making of Twins.
R: Or you can ask him to explain this: [link]
Jas: Isn't it illegal in the US not to sleep with a celebrity if given the opportunity? There may be some exceptions but in general if you go out with someone famous you are pretty much required to put out, regardless of gender (hence my ill-fated romance with Scott Baio).

St: You look pretty with your head on the shoulder of a one-eyed man.

Liz and Mr. T want you to be somebody . . . or be somebody's fool!!!!
W: I follow Cinderella's view of being Nobody's Fool. So, I guess I'm somebody . . . FOOL!!! :-)
Mi: I said no such thing.
R: With pity?

Liz wine-paired herself into a glorious hangover. Oy vey.
Jam: Inglorious hangover.
Liz D: Inglorious basterd of a hangover.
Jam: Double oy vey.

Liz bought herself a consolation prize after missing the Peaches show: vanilla ice cream floating in pumpkin stout with a rim encrusted with apple syrup, sugar and cinnamon.
Dan K: Yum!
Ma: Wha happen??
Liz D: Oh nothing, it was sold out so Hugh and I went to Sunset Grill to drown our sorrows.
A: Oh wow. That. Sounds. Perfect.

La: Hey lovely! So sorry my life has been a cluster-fuck of activity lately (as I'm sure yours is as well), but let's do something soon! If not before, I would absolutely love to drive back to good ol' NY with your cute self on Wednesday. Perhaps it's better we have a lot to catch up on, so that 5 hours will fly. Unfortunately, I've gotta work Saturday morning, so I'll have to find another way to get back, but cant' wait to see your purty face and that "Hell yeah" haircut. :-) Much love!
Su: When do I get to see the hell yeah haircut
Liz D: When you get the he-he-heck up to Thanksgiving! You are waking up in Pok T-giving morning, right? So I can start your photo shoot?

Liz had a heart-warming evening of Christmas Eve, puppet sex, and Chinese food. Thanks, Rach!
Dan K: Avenue Q?
Liz D: You are correct, sir! It was predictably hilarious.
Dan G: Did you go last night? Me too! Wasn't it amazing?
Liz D: Yes I did and yes it was! Did you bring the kids?
Dan G: Are you kidding? DSS would take them away from us if we took them to Avenue Q - although they did hear me rehearsing Everyone's a Little Bit Racist, one of the songs I sang in N Toon Too. :-)

Liz has a black belt in weekends.
R: You are the samurai of Saturday soirees . . .

Liz D: Milo is now world famous! PS Matt: I love the way his eyes perfectly match the sofa cover.
St: Nicest, funnest cat ever . . . I didn't sneeze at all . . . and we played and played and played. Go Milo!
Lin: Wait . . . how?!?
Liz D: Matt writes for the NY Daily News.com and he was playing with this iphone app a whole lot while he was up visiting.

Liz is leaving for NY in a few short hours. Hollah!
C: Keep it warm for us!
Dani: Tell everyone I said Hello and Happy Thanksgiving!

Liz just won $12.73 in the biggest penny-a-point domino rout in history. Thanks, mom & dad!
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