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Ok I'm on a roll

In my internet meanderings, I came across this blog: http://www.55aday.com/. Just about every day there is a new 55-word story and some of them are pretty rad. It made me nostalgic for my blog, which has been static for exactly two years now:
http://love-hatemail.livejournal.com/. Those were the days! I've said this before but maybe this time I mean it: I really want to resurrect this blog. Currently soliciting suggestions for letters, be the situations fact or fiction. No premise too ridiculous! No heartache or hatred too grand in scope!

Also, I had time at lunch to watch the Two Ladies scene from Cabaret and I'm starting to see my way through this project. Lordamercy.

Here are the haps from last October with these featured commentators: Hugh Beckett, Rich Burns, Joey Cannizarro, Kyle Capogna, Alyc Clark, Susan Doran, Mary Ferrara, Maureen Festa, Jameel Haque, Joseph Hernandez, Mariko Kanto, Dan Kotler, Ben Kram, Liz Laneri, Lauren McAvoy, Rachel Moliere, Patrick O'Hanlon, Danielle Poche, Susan Rubin, Angela Simonelli, Nick Szobota, Vicky Taylor, Mike Torres, Darin Wolpert

Liz has some absolutely ridiculous dance moves if you want to borrow some.
Ri: Perhaps?
Dar: Yes pls.
Susan D: I will take them and I will never, ever give them back.
Liz D: "Eby, the secret to great dance moves is, when you fall, you pretend you MEANT to do it." Susan Doran, 1985.
Susan D: Ah yes, my early work.
Susan D: If you're in the middle of dancing and you fall flat on the floor, let it flow quickly into a good duh-duh machine. Works every time.
Mi: I've got some extras I haven't been using too if Liz's run out.

Liz needs a costume for a Hallowedding. She is going to be a grooms(wo)man. Hayelp!
H: If you are going as me I can no doubt help.
V: I admit I am more than a little intrigued . . . You always seem to be invited to and are involved in the most interesting things . . .
P: That's an interesting problem. How to not pull focus, but simultaneously be original and appropriately festive. What is the couple wearing?
Dan K: Wait? Is this a real wedding? Or a play wedding?
Liz D: I think the groom is going as a penguin. The bride as, um, I'm not sure. I think I'm walking down the aisle with Chairman Mao. And oh yes, this is a real wedding.
Dan K: Um, go as Nixon?

Susan R: Really great to see you tonight Liz! Break a leg tomorrow!!! xoxo

Liz D: Facebook, I invented the movie game and don't you forget it!
Ra: Damn straight, Facebook!
N: Facebook, you can't handle the truth!
B: Didn't know what hit it.

K: Hey, I trust that Rachel made it home ok last night? By the way, my hips kill today (which I know is a good thing ultimately). Thanks for a great class!

Liz caught *TWO* freaking mice last night. Well, the traps caught them. And then Milo was kind enough to drag them to my door like gruesome party favors.
Liz L: Weird . . . I also caught two BABY mice at my place last night too (well, actually my roommate did).
Liz D: Woah. It's like a rodent suicide pact! We should contact all the members of supper club and find out if they, too, caught two mice last night. Then we can write an X-Files episode about it.
Dan K: There's probably a recipe for mouse in the original Joy of Cooking.
Liz D: I just threw up a little.

Susan R: Guess who I'm going to see on Weds.????????

Liz is so impressed with cousin Lauren. Your kung fu is the best!!
La: Let's just say I learned it from some master Italians. ;-) So good to chill! Much love, cousin o'mine.

Liz overheard: "Found a body in the New Jersey woods? That's like saying you found a cake in a bakery."

Liz L: Love the photo of you dancing, Liz! You look hot!!

Liz posted pix of Milo.
Ja: Booze cat.
Liz D: Milo is a terrible drunk. He will domestically abuse the hell out of your pajama pants strings when he's had too many.
Ja: My cat Mukesh likes to get sauced and destroy any paper products he can find . . . He's keeping us safe from paper cuts.

Mari: Have a happy Halloween wedding! Sounds like fun. :-)

Liz is saddened to hear about Jack Wiler.
Ri: Was he the one that wrote the book you showed me?
Liz D: Umm, maybe? I do hve his book, I just don't remember if I showed it to you or not. It's worth reading at any rate. He was a powerful writer.
Ri: I think it was. I think I'll check out his books.

Liz chopped her hair off! But you have to be pretty visually impaired to think I look like Hugh Beckett. This is both good and bad.
B: If only you had some sort of camera with which to share your new appearance . . .
Mau: I thought your hair looked so cute last night!
Liz D: Thanks, Maureen! Ben, I have a polaroid of it. You pretty much have to come to Boston to see it. Or wait patiently until I get around to scanning it. ;-)
B: frets and waits patiently.

Liz posts bday prom pix. I don't know which is harder to believe; that I forgot to scan this photo initially or that I noticed it nine months later. Oops!
Jos: Ha. The mere memory of this night makes both my cheeks red with embarassment and my stomach nauseous. (And my feet cold and wet? I think it was snowing.)
Joe: It makes me smile like the goofy jackass I appear to be in that picture. Thanks for putting this up, Liz!
Joe: Also: I am pointing at Rachel's booby as if it just told a good joke.

K: Hey, thanks for introducing me to supper club and movie game last night! I'm no longer a supper club virgin! I really want to see Sleep No More at ART, so if you're getting a group together, count me in!

Liz posted her Nia class invite.
An: Hey Liz, I'd still like to do an article on Nia for The Examiner. If you're interested, I'll message you some interview questions. Let me know!
Liz D: That would be awesome! Thanks!
Mary: I have those nights free now, I'll have to check it out!
Liz D: Right on!
Dani: I hate that I'm not up there. Nia sounds amazing!
Liz D: Aw, I wish you were here! Any chance of a Boston business trip? ;-)
Dani: Hehehe taht would require me actually being at work. I am LOVING maternity leave! 4 more weeks, woop woop!

Al: "What sort of music does Liz Doran like?" I am pretty sure she has a wide taste in music . . . I'm thinking she likes Brittany kinda stuff the most though."
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