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The haps from last August

I am so excited for this weekend! Mardi Gras party tonight! Photo shoot of Fish all day Saturday and then Laneri's big 30th bday bash at the Footlight! Then an awesome Sunday to recover with some Centre Street brunch and an early evening Supper Club.

My recap of facebook posts from August is under the cut. Featured commentators: Amanda Aldi, Steve Bisso, Rich Burns, Kyle Capogna, Shannon Daly, Kristina Horacek, Dan Kotler, Patrick O'Hanlon, Mike Torres, Joe Weil

Liz danced like the Decemberists were trying to light her on fire.

Liz just finished making 3,000 corrections to the supposed "final" draft of the catalog and now she is only a few hours away from her trip to Nashville and Memphis! But first, a yoga class with RAchel and delicious Sushi Fusion with Rob. Let the vacationing commence!

Liz (to the tune of Tire Swing) is home for less than 24 hours, that's hardly time to take a shower, throw a dinner party, check my email and make a few packets, before it's time to leave again, I've got one hand on my greyhound ticket, one waving out the window.

Liz had an awesome weekend of greyhound weirdos, high school friends, supportive parents, a surprise wedding shower, a hospitalized sister, adorable babies and a romantic movie date, but she is so glad not to be driving right now. Oy.

Liz has been inspired by Julie & Julia to get cracking on her perty planning book already.

Liz wonders why she sounds like Kim Kelley on every podcast.

Liz found the rest of the broken glass . . . with her foot!
R: Ouch!
Liz D: Yeah . . . that is the biggest drawback to having dinner parties in my "dance studio."
R: I see . . . eeeee . . .
St: . . . and walking barefoot!
D: :-(
P: Ouch! :-(
Liz D: Oh Steve, any Nia instructor who dances in shoes isn't worth her salt.
Sh: :-(

Liz was 7 minutes late with the coffee this morning and was nearly the victim of a faculty lynch mob. Also, she spilled half and half down her nice dress. She has had better first days of school.
R: Blame it on your wounded toe(s) . . .
Liz D: I can't really blame the toe when I'm wearing three-inch heels. I made sure to look like a total betty for orientation today! Some people watch Mad Men. I live it.
R: Ha! Nice . . .
Ky: I want to be Joan! without the rapist husband.
Liz D: Nice spoiler, Kyle! Some of us just got cable 3 weeks ago. :-p
Ky: Oh shit! I'm always doing that. Please delete from your brain while I delete post.
St: I love MAD MEN. It's sooooo 60's.

Kr: I can't email you! I'm getting failed delivery notes. Wah.
Liz D: Wha?? that's crazy! This is the first I'm hearing of it. Crap. You mean emailing over facebook or hotmail?

Liz drove to work this morning behind a truck from Deathwish Piano Movers. Deathwish has a nice ring to it. Pianos need movin.' But what these things have to do with each other . . . escapes me.
R: Maybe they are fans of the 1974 Charles Bronson movie?
Liz D: Maybe Charles Bronson is working as a piano mover?
R: Hmmm . . . so he faked his own death to get away from show biz and started a new life as a piano mover in Massachusetts . . . it's almost too perfect.

Liz wants to know if anyone has noticed that it is now impossible to scroll down more than a page and a half on anyone's page on FB. Which means that everything on my wall older than August 19 has been deleted. To the archivist in me, this is like a shotgun blast to the face.
A: I had noticed this the other day, but just now I was able to scroll pretty far back on my page. Strange . . .
M: Wait, even with the "older posts" button?
Liz D: I've been checking this theory, and on some people's pages I can hit "older posts" once, but that's it. On my own page I sort of hit bottom and there's no "older posts" option. Then I looked at my page on a computer witha bigger screen view and at the bottom it said There Are No Older Posts. WTF.
R: I hear that homes . . .
R: That stinks!
D: Weird. Mine keeps going back, so I don't think it's a FB-wide problem.
J: I hope you are wrong since I've just written a facebook novel, and was about to scroll back and put it in a word document. Hi, Liz, by the way.
Liz D: Joe! It's been a long time! So good to see your Face on my Book.
J: Good to see you, too! I think if you just click on older posts and don't click the down arrow next to it, all the posts come up. I was able to get back to Februrary that way.
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