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Reminiscenses of Last July

Firstly, that was a jam-packed weekend right there.

Friday I saw some great performances in the Footlight's production of An Ideal Husband. Interestingly before I went I was watching About A Boy, which is essentially the same story, if you replace the kid with a blackmailing wingnut ex-girlfriend. Karaoke afterwards was fun - I'm glad my friends from the cast made it down there, because I've been missing them!

Saturday morning I took my very first capoeira class - it's been 48 hours and my legs are still burning, which is a pretty great thing. I took to it right away; I even loved the warm-up. It's intense and the amount there is to learn is awe-inspiring, but I feel grateful for how much my other practices lend themselves to this; yoga, Nia, gymnastics. Capoeira feels like a logical conclusion for me. And it's just gorgeous to watch people who are good at it sparring - for those who aren't familiar, it looks like breakdance fighting, or The Dance of Not Quite Kicking Each Other. It is also gorgeous watching gorgeous people doing the sparring - it just gets you in amazing shape. Aside from Saturday, when is the last time I saw a guy doing one-armed pull-ups? Karate kid?

Sunday I treated myself to a mental health day. I woke up fairly early and took a long walk in Franklin Park, where I spent time thinking about Frederick Law Olmsted, and about how the next time I wind up in Frankin Park, it will probably be spring! Hallelujah. Then I took a Nia class at Samadhi - I have always, always loved Nicole's classes, and this might actually have been my favorite one of all time. I love that after four years of practicing and one full year of teaching, it can still feel so new and invigorating.

I met up with Liz Z for some heavenly brunch at Centre Street (and while I was waiting on line, I saw Paige for probably the last time before she gives birth! So exciting!). We got the green eggs & ham - eggs benny with Canadian bacon, and eggs that have been mixed with an obscene amount of pesto, topped with sliced tomatoes. It was a mouthful of summer right there. Screw you, February!

After brunch I went and got a sparkly red pedicure, and then headed over to Inman Oasis for a soak in the hot tub and an attempt at relieving my sore muscles. It was lovely; the heat stayed with me, so I walked bouyantly down Hampshire street with my coat flapping in the icy wind.

I made it just in time to completely suck at trivia with Rachel & Kevin and Kyle - but all of our food and drink was paid for by previous winnings, so I'm ok with that. Afterwards Kyle and Laneri came over to NOT watch the superbowl - we just hung out and ate leftovers and a shrimp stir-fry I made. Fantastic day all around.

Here's what I was up to last July! Featured commentors: Gordon Bedford, Rich Burns, Alyc Clarke, Shannon Daly, Jean Dendy, Susan Doran, April Gardner, Dan Goldstone, Emily Hennessee, Liz Laneri, Becky Maine, Theresa Musante, Kelly Norton, Danielle Poche, Deidre Purcell, Sue Rella, Rob Riley, Mike Torres, Claire Vitale, Linda Lea Wells

Liz fits in the 1950's: C'mon facebook, I am so liberal I make Che Guevara look like a fiscal conservative. And traditional gender roles give me hives. That being said, I have a big crush on the '50's - if it was 1959 I would be reading subversive beat literature, throwing some rock & roll records on the hi-fi, planning lavish dinner parties and having a hat to match every outfit. And nobody would make fun of me for loving butter so much. Sign me up!

Liz is about to get her sushi fix.
K: mmmmmm . . .

Liz should live in Cambridge: Cambridge is cool with me. If Harvard hadn't rejected a dozen job applications I would totally be living there. But I am SO happy to have landed in Jamaica Plain, the grener, more spacious, low-rent version of Cambridge.

Liz is James, who took lye by mistake: A double martini, and hold the roofies . . . aw, JUST KIDDING!
Sus: likes this.
Liz D: Hah! You would not believe how many times I have stolen that joke from you!
Sus: Aw, throw 'em on in there!

Liz is Fozzie Bear: Uh oh. The problem with Fozzie is nobody thinks Fozzie is funny except Fozzie. Woka woka. KnowwhatImean?
Sh: Yeah, I got Fozzie, too, when I took that. I wouldn't read much into it. :-)
Liz D: Uh, yeah, but you *were* voted funniest person at 86 Rossmore! Facebook doesn't lie! Speaking of which, I really need to scan those 'roids.

Liz is checking out the Tall Ships Festival, kayaking on the Charles, and drinking at the Bastille Day Festival. Summer is finally here!

Liz D: So I tallied every single vote that was cast (finally) so I can give y'all your official standings.
C: Lauren, if you didn't always hide those gorgeous legs, you would have been in the running! :D
Liz L: Out of curiousity, how did you judge flexibility?
Lin: Hah! 2nd best tattoo . . .
Liz D: People were pretty much judged by reputation alone. Nobody had to tie themselves in a pretzel for flexibility, and nobody had to actually break a bottle over someone's head for bar fight. It would be pretty funny if the winners and runners up had to compete for ultimate heavyweight champion in each category, now that you mention it . . .
Liz D: Linda, your imaginary tattoo is HOTT.
Ri: Cool! Looks like I'm worth my weight in bronze. :-)
Sh: I think a bar fight contest would be awesome!
C: This sounds like high school superlatives!! :-) I definitely think there should be a tie-breaker competition!!

Liz has a sunburn necklace. But it was worth it!
Sh: Better than a . . . ew, I'll stop now.

Liz L: Nia then dancing tonight! Man, we've spent so much time together this past week, you'll be glad to get rid of me this week.
Liz D: Nevarrrr! It's been a great week. :-)
Liz L: Harry Potter better have been worth it!
Liz D: In a perfect world, I could have made it to Middlesex. But HP was actually awesome! And I stayed awake for the whole thing! Anybody who has watched a movie with me after 10pm knows what a big deal this is.

Liz says, Dear World: I lost all of your telephone numbers. They are somewhere on the bottom of the Charles right now. Also, texting is futile for at least the next 24 hours.
Al: Oh my well mine is . . . AND if you have nothing to do tonight, it is a great Milky Way night . . . dancing and MJ and the Jacksons in general . . . you should check it out.
T: On the upside, not everybody can say they lost their phone in the Charles. Love that dirty water.
Liz L: Did you go kayaking? Invite me next time. I promise not to complain about my arms.
Liz D: Aw, thanks, Alyc! How was it? Sorry I couldn't make it - I was busy choreographing tonight's routine and packing for Grassroots this weekend. Hope to see you soon!
Liz D: And Liz: Yes! I went kayaking. But I went during the day while I was waiting for Saturn to put new brakes on my car. I'll let you know the next time I'm going. Probably next weekend.

Liz's ghetto nickname is Pookie: Weave? Puh-lease. Girl, I am 100% real.

Liz is Michael Scott: "Would I rather be feared or loved? Um . . . easy; both. I want peple to be afraid of how much they love me."

Liz says, this humidity makes it look like I am wearing the wig of some sad character actor. I WANT MY CLIMATE BACK.
De: My hair is doing the flip from hell . . . I'm so with you.
Dani: Just wait until you come down south!

J: Alas! I remember that you said you couldn't make it, but I thought it was worth one last stab. Have fun on your hiking trip!

Liz has a stress headache from The Hurt Locker.
Sue: I want to see that, as much as I also don't want to see that. Which side should win out?
Liz D: See it with a friend who won't laugh at you for curling into a ball or yelping in a crowded theater.
B: Hmmm . . . I'm meeting some friends to see it on Thurs. Exactly how many Advil would you recommend I take before the opening credits?
Liz D: Alcohol might work better. ;-) I was wound so tight when I jumped it looked like I was in an ejector seat.

Liz says, I hope MJ and the Nicholas Brothers are hanging out in the Great Dance Hall in the sky. Dance moves that look like they gave birth to the King of Pop start at 1:36.
Ri: Hmmmmm . . . I recall a certain someone posting a similar clip a few months ago . . . Hmmmm . . . :-) Don't forget, he could be dancing with Fosse as well . . .
M: Tap is the very definition. I can barely follow along with the Electric Slide. These guys are incredible.
Ap: Amazing - especially the flying splits.

Liz is bringing her sister, her cousin and her boo to Ten Tables tonight after Nia! Have you seen me after a four-course dinner with wine pairings?? I should sell tickets.
Liz L: I went to last week's Ten Tables wine pairing night - LOVE IT! . . . and I'm going again at the end of August! . . . PS, ENJOY!
Liz D: Oh boy, did I! Not only did we get the four glasses of wine (and the courses were salad with asiago shavings and a tiny bruschetta with anchovy paste; one giant raviolo surrounded by escargot in a drizzle of amazing pesto cream sauce; chicken thich on a bed of sauteed chicken liver puree and chicken breast on some potatoes that were practically liquified with caramelized onions; and chocolate mouse with apricot sauce) - they gave us an incredible apple wine aperitif while we waited for our table AND a little tasting plate of soft cheese and local honey AND a glass of cream sherry, all on the house! I was ready to get down on one knee and propose to Ten Tables.
Liz L: Oh man . . . so envious!

E: Question: Where do you get your Polaroid film, or is this that computer app?
Liz D: I've been doing the Polaroid thing at every party I've thrown for the past 3 years. When I found out it was being discontinued, I was heartbroken! So I stockpiled. A lot of it. I'm getting close to the end of my reserves and I'm hoping that they come out with some replacement technology. I hear a lot of rumors, but I have yet to see any. I have seen the polaroid app, but it still doesn't give me what I want, which is an actual *Polaroid* in my hot little hands.
E: I don't blame you! Good thinking with the stockpile . . .

Liz is trying to imagine a world where she doesn't eat eggs for breakfast every single day.
G: You mean like a world where eggs eat you every day?
Liz D: Why does that sound like something straight out of Greek mythology?

Liz is Spanish: Wow, too true. Come se dice "mercurial" en espanol?
Dan G: Mercurial.

Ro: Sure, but can we stay here amongst the coolness of my AC?
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