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Tangled up in last June

Firstly, I just had the most totally awesome '80's birthday party! Flashdance Electric Boogaloo to be exact. I rented out the Footlight Club, and I am eternally grateful to the many people who helped me with everything from stringing the lights to making the pizzas to solving technical difficulties to photodocumenting the event. It took a village to throw that party!

I went as Jennifer Beales from Flashdance. Started the night in jeans, workboots, and the famous grey sweatshirt, and I posed with a welding torch. I went to Miss Laura's to wet set my hair the day before so it was all crimped, and my makeup was a bit of a nod to Barbie and the Rockers. Once the party got going I took my pants off and spent the rest of the night dancing around in dance tights, legwarmers and taped feet, and when it got really hot I was just down to black dance tee and spanx.

Everyone was polaroided next to the Michael Jackson shrine, and in the guest book they were invited to answer the question: Who was your biggest '80's celebrity crush? Then when you walked up to pay your $5, you could take a handful of your favorite '80's candy - poprocks, reeces pieces, jelly bellies, etc. You were also greeted by a Lite Brite marquee and a Pound Puppy and Cabbage Patch Kid, respectively.

Everyone looked frikkin amazing and loved how the album turned out. I could not get over how totally hot Hong and Katie looked, Lindalea and Kristen might have won for originality, coming as Jem and her alter-ego Jerrica, and Susan Rice came as a totally believeable Corey Haim. The guys outdid themselves as well. I think whitefire wins for staying in character - he was a douchey '80's bully until Luna showed up. Speaking of which, the Merrys were outrageous! Michelle bleached streaks into her hair and crimped it, her outfit was hot and authentic, and she danced her ass off without once kicking off her spike heels. Angus SHAVED HIS HEAD INTO A MOHAWK for the occasion and wore skin tight leopard print pants - since he can't actually get them to zip anymore, he basically sewed a codpiece to the front. And Luna, age 2 1/2, wore her pretty pretty princess dress and I have never had more fun dancing in my life. She's got moves! And for the longest time I would just copy whatever craziness she was doing even if it meant falling flat on the floor, which she thought was hilarious, because basically she was the puppetmaster pulling the strings. My face hurt from laughing. What an awesome kid she is.

Everyone seemed to have a lot of fun. My cousin made us fabulous pizzas, and everyone loved the mac & cheese I made - stole the winning recipe from Laneri's mac & cheese bake-off last November. Then there was garlic hummus Lauren made, grapes, Cool Ranch Doritos (of course), peanut butter popcorn. For dessert we had a cake made of Hostess cupcakes and an ice cream sundae bar.

In the corner of the room by the door we created a den filled with games like Don't Break the Ice and Mousetrap, and a working Atari set-up which was played pretty much non-stop all night. One wall of this den - or as I call it, the pod - was a sheet with movies projected on it; the cool thing about that is that you can see the movie from both sides of the sheet. We showed Breakin 2: Electric Boogaloo, Footloose, and of course, Flashdance, and I would try to copy her dance moves, Rocky Horror style.

To the opposite side of the door there were tables for family-style dining and another comfy couch. And the center of the room was of course dedicated to dancing, which was of course, a blast. At one point in the evening, Joey told me he had a surprise for me. The next thing I know, he has Xanadu cued up and appears wearing roller skates, and the two of us break into a spontaneous restaging of the movie. Un.Be.Lieveable. He was also my partner in the closing song from Dirty Dancing.

It was an amazing night full of fun, wonderful people, and I get a little misty just thinking about it.

Here is the relatively short compendium of facebook posts from June, featuring the following guest commentators: Tom Abrams, Jack Bennett, Danielle Bowlin, Rich Burns, Dave Chin, Jimmy Daily, Shannon Daly, Dan Kotler, Steph Luzzi, Greg Marano, Theresa Musante, Mark Sickler

Liz should live in Alabama: Uhhhhhh, WHAT? Are you freaking kidding me? Granted, I have never been to Alabama, but that was kind of on purpose.
Ja: Roll tide!
Dav: I have a friend who lives in HELLabama. She wishes she didn't.
Sh: That is just plain wrong.
M: Oh no! NOT Alabama! Really? Eek! I would remove this IMMEDIATELY and have a do-over!
Liz D: Wouldn't it be hilarious if facebook quizzes were someone contractually binding, and I came home to find a moving van with Alabama plates on it?
Dav: Not just a moving van, but a stipped car up on blocks parked on your front lawn.
R: I guess you can now stop brushing your teeth . . .
Dani: Hahahahaahah. Welcome to my neck of the woods!

Liz could get used to four-day weekends.

Liz could eat her body weight in bufalo mozzarella.
G: You shouldn't, though.
St: Yummy in the mouth. Ouchy in the belly!
Liz D: If I only had a week to live, I would choose death by bufalo moz and a closed casket!

Liz would be a French chef: They just can't get over the fact that I like escargot. If that makes me a snob, then drag me to the guillotine, cus I am guilty as charged. Hey-o!

Liz is buying so much stuff at Crate & Barrel that they are going to present me with a plaque at the shareholders' Christmas party.
Dan K: I love Crate & Barrel! What are you buying?
Liz D: Many many wedding prezzies . . . At least it's one-stop shopping!
Dan K: Why is everyone getting married?
Liz D: Oh man, PLEASE tell me your parents have told you about the birds and the bees by now.
Dan K: Well, see, first the bumblebee pollinated the nice tulip, but then there was that rose, and that entire field of clovers, and, well, by the time you get to the dandelions, I mean they're weeds! :-p
Dan K: (Note: not actually intended to disparage wedded bliss. I speak entirely out of sad envy and despair. :-(.)

Liz is Mr. Dwight: No, actually, I spend my days in a mansion wishing it was a dance studio.
Tho: What is this a picture of??
Liz D: I haven't actually read the book. But from what I gather, it is a man cleaning a toilet with his bare hands. And no, I would never do that. I was hoping it was a *metaphor.*

Liz loves her amazing New Yorkers and New Jerzers but kind of wishes plate techtonics would push Connecticut out to sea.
The: Wait, I have family in CT. Take it back. :-p
Ji: I don't: go plates go!
Dan K: Wait, what? What did CT do?
Dan K: Is this about Ricci?
Liz D: Connecticut is just there to GET IN MY WAY. T, your family would get to live on an *island,* and it wouldn't take me 6 1/2 frikkin hours to get to Brooklyn. Everybody wins!
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