misslizzers (misslizzers) wrote,

This is only a test

Hello! Allow me to sabotage my future political career. This whole "let me tell you all about my life in a frank and impersonal way" idea intrigues me. So I'm going to give it a go; life is so much more interesting when things fall into the wrong hands.

(I could make a list of people I know who would never do this because they won't even use EZpass in case the man finds out where they've been driving, but that list alone would really freak them out. Don't worry girls, your secret is safe with me!)

So I'm just checking to see if this works. Not much happened to me yesterday, except that I rented Twin Peaks and I am ashamed to say that I still don't like David Lynch, and c'mon, it was made for tv, it's not like I don't get it, although it was kind of cool to see Lara Flynn Boyle looking like a human being and not a caricature of herself.

Favorite conversation of the day:
Jeremy and I were talking about how funny the Torah is, or at least I was, and he said that there's a law that says if you get divorced from spouse A and remarried and divorced to spouse B, you're not allowed to get remarried to spouse A. It's right there in the fine print. So basically what God is saying here is that The Parent Trap is an abomination. I think that's kind of funny.

But then J told me how they have this law that says if you're having a war and you wind up having the hots for a female prisoner, all you have to do is take her home, make her shave her head and bathe and everything, and after a month, you can get married. Why why why has nobody made a romantic comedy about this??? I can see it now: the role of the shiksa will be played by Andie MacDowell - so she can prove once and for all that she *can* act, it's not just the hair. Brilliant.

Top Five Places that I Would Buy Houses if I won a Kabillion Dollars:

Mo-town (for the job, man)
Boston (where the fun is)
Boulder (because in a city of a few thousand, they have
not one but TWO doggie bakeries. And they have
a sister city in Tjikistan, which is just pretty
damn cool. And Ginsberg liked it a whole lot)
Santa Fe (where the sopapillas are hot, the weather is
cool, and the culture is seriously overlapping)
London (who doesn't want to move to London?)
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