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And now I bring you May 2009

In a few short hours I leave for four family fun days in New York, including Christmas in Greenville, which is always a blast, from the shrimp cocktail served in actual cocktail glasses, to the beef wellington, to the afterparty, to the sleepover party, to brunch the next day. This year I will be doing a photo shoot of my dad to document the day. Really looking forward to it.

And THEN I'm heading to Grand Cayman for 11 days. I will be turning 31 hanging out on a beach with Kristina! She lives there now and I'm staying with her for the first week. I am so totally psyched for this.

Here is what I was up to back in May with the following guest commentors: Hugh Beckett, Aaron Blohowiak, Rich Burns, Dave Chin, Alyc Clark, Zach Davis, Susan Doran, Annie Garrity, Tom Kerrigan, Liz Laneri, Steph Luzzi, Greg Marano, Matt Marrone, Patrick O'Hanlon, Rob Riley, Susan Rubin, Noah Tobin, Linda Lea Wells, Darin Wolpert

Liz is Jennifer Grey aka "Frances 'Baby' Houseman."
Ri: Nobody puts you in a corner.
Liz D: At least not now that I learned . . . to DANCE! Wow, I really am Jennifer Grey. Does this mean I have to get a nose job now?
Ri: Ha! No, no, your nose is fine.

Liz accidentally kicked her chair over in the middle of Cell Block Tango last night. Of all the numbers to start throwing furniture in, I guess I picked the right one.
N: I thought I heard a crash! Wasn't sure if it was just stomping feet, though. Hilarious.
Dar: That chair had it comin'.
Liz D: If you'd have seen it, I betcha you would have done the same!

Liz accomplished more last weekend than a world leader with a meth habit.
Ri: Like the ex-mayor of DC, that is if you call Marion Barry a world leader.
H: He would have been, if that bitch didn't set him up.
Ri: LOL! Yes, the best quote from any politician of his era "Bitch set me up!"

Liz is about to complete her 35th movie game!

Liz is Margot Tenenbaum.

Liz picked a pretty dreary day to start running home from work.
Ri: It's supposed to be warmer this afternoon . . .
Lin: Maybe it will be like yesterday - shittyshitshit and then . . . BEAUTIFUL.

Liz has been told she looks like: Minnie Driver, Clara Bow, Heather Matarazzo, Jennifer Connelly and Courtney Cox. No joke, someone at a wedding told me I reminded him of "Dawn Wiener . . . in a good way." I pretty much locked myself in the bathroom and cried. I'm glad to see she's really come into her own.
Liz L: I was also once told that I look like her.
Liz D: Yeah, but in a good way.
Liz D: Kidding! I don't see it at all. On a side note, every girl I know who's seen Welcome to the Dollhouse FELT like she was Dawn Wiener at that age.
Liz L: Ha, yes, I knew you were kidding. Welcome to the Dollhouse is one of my favorite movies.
Liz D: Oh, btw I would like to edit the above selection: I just remembered that quite a few people have told me I look like Renee Zellwiger so just superimpose her picture over Courtney Cox in your mind.
Al: I was watching Mariah Carey's concert on tv the other day and I kept being like, who is she reminding me of??? And I realized it was you . . . something about her face and manner that remind me of you . . . weird. But if you look, I think you could see it when she's doing her thing on stage.
Liz D: Weird! I can't say I've watched a lot of Mariah Carey in concert, but I will take that as a compliment.

Liz wonders: On a scale of 1-10, how much will I want to kill myself if I leave for the Cape at 5pm on Friday? 1 being: "It couldn't hurt to have my will notorized," and 10 being "My kingdom for a cyanide pill!"
Z: 10
Z: Trust the man whose mother lives there.
Ri: 10.5
Liz D: CURSES! If I try leaving at 4, will it make any difference, or is it still a lost cause?
Ri: It may move from a war to a barroom brawl . . . give or take a few punches.
P: It's still before Memorial Day, I'd say only a 6.3976.
An: 10. A better portion of my childhood was spent sitting in traffic on the way to the Cape. We usually left at 5am . . . But it will be great once you get there!
Z: It may be before Memorial Day, but it's still a holiday weekend. Four is better. Maybe an 8.
M: I hate you all.
Liz D: Uh, Matty, I'm the only one going to the Cape this weekend. Or do you mean that you are full of jealous hatred of everyone who has ever been to New England? I mean, it is pretty great here.
M: I thought half of Boston was going?
Susan D: You're very funny, mitten.
Liz D: Oh my sweet mitten, what have I DONE?!?!? ow ooh ooh uh ow.

Liz's sacral chakra is the most open.
Aa: Not a surprise at all!
Liz D: Hah! Yeah, Facebook, way to speak the truth! Did you take this yet?
Aa: Yeah, mine was the Crown chakra.
St: Um . . . gee . . . I'm shocked.

Liz was standing on line in the cafeteria when her "figure" was loudly praised by the former Miss Trinidad.
Aa: Snowbunny Liz!!!
Liz D: C'ai pay you a compamint?
Dav: Trey belle corps?
Liz D: Actually, no, she's my coworker and her English is superb.

Liz says, the thing about flashbacks is you can watch Sayid get hotter and watch Sawyer get . . . a little . . . puffy.
T: I was so confused by that episode, but I am calling that Charlie will be brought back, he had two key references in that episode.
Liz D: I WISH. I kind of stopped giving a crap about Lost when Charlie died. Also, I'm only confused about where they go from here. Either, tah dah! You were wrong and now Lost will be taking place in the Afterlife, or You were right and now Lost will be about a group of strangers who live in LA who happened to ride in an airplane together once. Not exactly riveting television.
T: Yeah, I don't know what's going to happen, I'm thinking that it's gonna appear that they are back to normal, but something else is gonna happen. Oh and also what is going on with Locke, I have no idea what's going on there.
Liz D: Um, to all my friends who haven't seen the season finale yet, EARMUFFS!! Locke is dead-duh-dead-dead-dead. The person who brought Ben to see Jacob is a shapeshifter - possibly the same person who has been appearing to just about everyone as their respective dead loved ones. I missed this, but apparently there is someone who has wanted to kill Jacob forever, but he couldn't do it outright and needed a "loophole" - the loophole was taking the shape of someone Jacob trusted, and bringing someone mad enough to off him.
T: A friend of mine thinks that this shapeshifter is the black smoke monster, which would explain how Ben's daughter showed u, adn why Christian Sheppard told Locke he had to die?
G: So were Nikki and Paolo shapeshifters too? I hope so. I'm still mad at the idea they ever existed.
Liz D: I kind of liked the Nikki and Paolo plot arc. It was one of the first tastes of how dead inside the writers would make you feel as you watched your favorite characters get killed off one by one. Best of all, their whole story line actually made frikkin' sense - and it only took one episode to wrap it up, instead of six years.
G: Dear Liz, I disagree. Love and hugs, Greg.

Liz suspects she would like Belle and Sebastian better if they were singing in French.
Ri: If they only sung like Mr. Brel . . .

Liz is Calvin Coolidge. What's cooler than being Coolidge? Liz Doran! No, seriously, the only thing he had I have in common is our fear of electronics. This quiz is whack, yo.
Ri: You were also both colleagues of Channing H. Cox and fans of the Kellog-Briand pact. Remember?
LIz D: Ah yes, and there's our great shared affection for spats and monocles and two-horsepower engines.

Liz knows how to deep fry things.
Susan R: Your status appeared right below Eleza's status, so, I figure if her new fish tank doesn't work out for the fish . . .
Liz D: I will deep-fry you a delicious bass!

Liz says singing You Know that I'm No Good is harder than I thought.
Ro: At least you didn't get any ice down your shirt this time.
Liz D: That might have been an improvement. Those ice cubes are gonna make me a staaah.

Liz has wanted to be a whale trainer, a day care owner, a river rafting guide, a writer, and a dance instructor when she grows up.

Liz is a Pharmacy Ph.D. Hahahahahahahah! Only two lessons!
Ro: Nerd.
Liz D: You're just mad because you spent 4 years in Pharmacy school and I got my Ph.D. from just hanging out with you.

Liz scored 66% on how well she knows Matt Marrone. Matty! How can I be expected to keep track of all your man crushes?

LIz is Max from Where the Wild Things Are. How do I dress up funny? Funny like a clown? Do I amuse you? POW.
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