misslizzers (misslizzers) wrote,

What's behind door #5?

I'm traveling for business today, to bustling downtown Glassboro - hah! I've seen more traffic in Iowa. But it is certainly nice to be out of the office even if all I'm doing is dodging jacknifed tractor trailers and resisting cinnabons at the Clara Barton rest area - one of my all-time favorite rest areas and ways to get fat.

I seem to be having a traveling theme, in that all of the last people I'd expect are asking me to run away with them. T is writing me petulantly asking why I won't come spend the weekend on his commune in Connecticut (the answer's in the question), my dad is systematically booking my Columbus Day weekend with outdoor excursions (isn't retirement great?), my cousin just asked me to pretty please come to Italy with them next summer (sorry, I am violently allergic to traveling in groups), and a certain young frenchman I am acquainted with just asked me to go to London with him. I find this extremely odd, since I was seeing him, then kind of blew him off the whole month after I got back from spain until he tracked me down on friendster, and ultimately, I've never even seen his house, so I have no idea if he's the kind of a person I want to get on a plane with.

And yet, I think my four favorite things to do are 1) going to London 2) going to Italy 3) going hiking 4) organic farming. So I just mind wind up doing all of these things.

I'm helpless to resist my own capricious, traveling feet! They're sort of hideous, really, and totally irresponsible.

Time to go be a grownup.
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