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Pieces of [this past] April

Can I tell you how much I love Wednesdays? I have one Nia class down, one to go, and I get to take a nice breather by having 9 people over for dinner. Supper Club is tonight, and we have two new members joining us, and one is Ben from San Francisco! This is a coup, as he has a million places to be on these short trips, and as it turns out SEVEN of us around the table tonight will be Hair alums. To the other two I apologize, because I guarantee you are going to hear once again all about that time we got naked on stage and the fateful brownie incident.

Here's what I was up to in April. Guest commentors include: Rich Burns, Zach Davis, Susan Doran, Dan Goldstone, Dan Kotler, Matt Marrone

Liz wonders if Jennifer Anniston knows that every single day there is a FB ad with a new paparazzi picture of her that appears on my profile. I also wonder if FB is insinuating that I have a secret crush on Jennifer Anniston,or if they are trying to tell me that I need to look younger STAT.

Liz has laryngitis, and it isn't pretty - there are people with tracheotomies who have nicer singing voices.
Dan G: :-( Feel better!
Liz D: Thanks! I feel pretty ok. But at best I sound like a squeaky cartoon character.
Dan G: Better than a trachiatomy survivor, right? That is an improvement.
R: Get well soon, scratchy! :-)
R: I kid, seriously, get well soon!

Liz is going on a shopping bender. Hide your credit cards!
Dan K: What are you buying?
M: I guess my check is in the mail, moneybags?
S: Yeah, my shoe size is 7.5, if that helps.
Liz D: I took my own advice and only brought cash. I went shopping with Fish on Newbury Street - so all i Could afford was a very nice two-pack of tights. Matty - could I interest you in 15 free Nia classes? That is SO much more valuable than money.

Liz was just instructed to shake it like a polaroid picture. It's like Outcast is staking out her apartment or something.

Liz's new pedicure looks like it might be grape flavored.
R: Natural or artificial grape?
Liz D: About as natural as a pixy stick. Made with real organic pixies!
R: Ha ha ha! Organic is the wave of the future. :-)
Liz D: Never give a pixy recombinant bovine growth hormone - it gives them super-human strength and a taste for human flesh.
R: You don't have to tell me. I just settled my last wrongful death lawsuit over my recombinant bovine growth hormone fed pixy. You have no idea what it feels like when your experiments in horticulture go horribly wrong . . . If I can only give you one bit of advice, it's this: always lock the door of your greenhouse!

Liz is already planning her totally 80's birthday party . . . nine months in advance.
Dan G: If you keep going down a decade every year, soon you will be celebrating decades which happened before you were even born!
Liz D: Yeah, I know, I've been doing this for a long time. My 29th birthday party was an 1890's theme party - The Devil in the White City Masquerade Birthday Ball. When I hit 30 I started over from 1990.
Dan G: I figured that, if you had been doing this a long time the math wouldn't work out . . . well, hopefully I can make next year's party - the pics look like it was a great time! Break a leg tomorrow night!

Liz wants you to check out this interactive public service announcement about magazine cover photo retouching.
Z: While I wholeheartedly agree with a positive, realistic image of women on magazine covers, some of the points they made were ridiculous. Photo retouching does not equal evil on every single level, out-of-hand.
Liz D: Personally, I find it gratifying giving her a breast reduction over and over again. I don't think the mags are being evil, but I like how the site is trying to temper the effect this stuff has on young girls.
Z: Honestly, it was the "wrinkles on shirt removed" part that made me go, "Aw c'mon! Her damn SHIRT was wrinkled! Young girls SHOULD want to wear ironed clothes.
Z: Also remember it's my job to make sure pictures look good in advertisements, so I'm not the most objective observer . . .
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