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Where were you in March 2009?

The past few days have been emotionally, physically, and intellectually demanding in turn, to an outrageous degree. I kicked off this triathlon of sorts by making a grown man cry in a restaurant, and ended it last night with a stellar first date involving four hours of non-stop banter and three bottles of Schlitz. I am too distracted to even freak out about how much shopping I still have to do and how desperately I am lacking Nia funds to pay for said shopping. It's the most, craziest time, of the year.

Here are my posts from March 2009 with the following guest commentators: Rich Burns, Adam Costa, Martin Farawell, Mary Ferrara, Jameel Haque, Liz Laneri, Matt Marrone, Chuck Meyer, Jen Siegel, Noah Tobin, Mary Vriniotis, Janet Wertman, Austin Williams, Darin Wolpert

Liz can't stop watching the deleted heart attack scene from Step Brothers. Thanks, Snow Day!
R: Cheer yourself up and watch reruns of Sanford and Son.

Liz can't think of a nicer way to go profoundly deaf than last night's Last Live Band Karaoke Night EVER at the Milky Way.

Liz says a company health plan without a vision plan is discrimination against the disabled. In related news, my eyes are bankrupting me.
Mary F: Angel's plan doesn't have a dental plan, so is that discrimination against those who like sweets?
Liz D: Yes! Except you can work pretty much any job with bad teeth. But you cannot operate a forklift with no eyes. Flossing is optional and cheap, glasses are mandatory and expensive. It's just not fair.
Je: I hear you.

Liz can't decide if running six miles before tonight's class will kill her or only make her stronger.
R: It will just make you sweaty . . .
Jam: And stinky.
Liz D: A lady doesn't sweat, she perspires. And this lady perspires sweet-smelling ambrosia, I'll have you know.
R: But of course! By jove, I totally forgot! How thoughtless of me . . .

Liz wonders if she should novacaine her tongue in order to get through tonight's authentic Indian feast.
Jam: It depends . . . northern or southern Indian?
Liz D: It doesn't depend. I am so white that Salsa Verde Doritos could give me a sunburn.
Jam: Okay . . . huddle up . . . avoid anything that might be called vindaloo, go heavy on the rice and ask for yoghurt . . . if they're northern Indian types you could even ask for it in hindi/urdo . . . mei dahi chatahoo . . . I need yoghurt.
Liz D: Awesome. Thanks! The meal is being cooked by this girl's mom who was flown here straight from India. HOw do you say "my mouth hurts real bad" in Urdu?

Liz is looking forward to lunch.

Liz is checking out the Chicken Slacks tonight after Nia!

Liz will never need sleeping pills as long as she has a copy of The Big Lebowski.
D: Well, you know, that's just, like, your opinion, man.
Mary V: Are you saying that movie puts you to sleep??? What?!!
Jan: I've got one of those! Gertrude Stein's The Making of Americans!! Great book but . . .
Liz D: I don't know what it is, but The Big Lebowski is to me what a long car ride is to a baby - absolutely guaranteed to lull me to sleep. I fell asleep and could not be roused IN THE THEATER. I gave it another shot the other night and barely made it past the scene where they meet Jesus. I think that happened, though I could have been dreaming already.
Mary V: Hmmm . . . Maybe you were exceptionally tired to start with both times . . . have to make an afternoon attempt at my house sometime soon.
Liz D: It's a date! What are you doing this weekend?
Mary V: Hmm . . . depends on the weatehr . . . I don't want to commit to movie-watching if I'd rather be outside. Let's talk Friday and see if you're all booked or we can find a time.

Liz posted 21 friends, 42 questions
Mary F: Ha, I know, not many have been to my house, living with Mumzie at the moment, and she just actually had the whole house done over, it's really worth showing off . . . Not feeling the improv vibe these days, haven't been in a troupe in a couple of years (though I did do improv in the Comedy Explosion show at the Footlight last year, was a lot of fun). But next time I do I'll let you guys know.
Mary V: Hmmm . . . $100 . . . U2 is coming to Gilette in September . . .
R: Number 8: Cool. Thanks. Coco? Top? Please explain . . .
Liz D: See Fame.
R: Ah ha! Gotcha!
C: I'm sure Linda appreciates you not dating me, but I'm glad we can still hug! Aaaaaaand dance!
Jam: Hugh . . . I think she's on to something here . . .
Ad: LOL. "War injury." Nice wording there, Liz.
Mart: Oh, I'm actually choked up at being described so fondly. That's the big secret, I'm an old softy. And we've had bears come right through the screen to sit on our screened-in porch.

Liz is Facebooking her face off.

Liz is choreographing her last new song of the week and listening to her roommate listening to NPR listeners demand public executions of AIG executives.

Liz suspects that '80's night at the Common Ground might help to fill the Milky-Way-shaped hole in her life.
N: Wait . . . when is this? Allston is so my neck of the woods!
Liz D: Thursday nights!
Au: I miss Boston.

Liz would like you to know that the estimated value of the Economic Stimulus Prize is up to $62.50.

Liz's weekend could be made into an HBO miniseries.
R: Kind of like Rome? Flight of the Conchords? Big Love?
Liz D: Rich, the minute my life turns into a Flight of the Conchords episode, I will call you to film it.
R: LOL! Ok.

Liz wants to design movie nights for a living.
Liz L: You should! And let's do the Vicky Christina Barcelona one!
Liz D: We need to find a friend who plays Spanish guitar. :-)

Liz just realized she has to use 14 vacation days before July!!! If only the airline fairy would leave a ticket under her pillow.

Liz is taking off EVERY FRIDAY in April!! Anyone feel like playing hooky?
Mat: Don't forget that's my day off!
Liz D: What are you doing for Easter? I'll be heading down first thing Friday morning. Might go to Kenny's reading in Brooklyn that night.
R: Maybe?
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