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February 2008 seems soooo long ago

Ugh. I just bought my ferry ticket for Long Island this weekend. It's like someone shot a harpoon at my wallet. But it will be so nice seeing Sherrill and everybody at her shower!

Here's what I was up to last February! Featured commentors: Julie Berenzweig, Rich Burns, Dave Chin, Alyce Clark, Shannon Daly, Jean Dendy, Jameel Haque, Katharine Hoyt, Mariko Kanto, Liz Laneri, Steph Luzzi, Greg Marano, Zach Minton, Kristopher Moreau, Brad Reed, Susan Rubin, Jen Toth, Darin Wolpert

Liz is amazed the human race survived the Victorian era.

Liz says, not even in prison is that tatt cool.

Liz: Here is my actual 1994 prom photo, y'all.
Jen: Memories!! Did I do your makeup? Is this the prom where my bird died while I was helping you get ready?
Liz D: YES! This was Friday the 13th, your bird died, and Dave Pollenberg got in a car accident, I think. Someone did. Not only did you do my makeup, you were there when I completely freaked out because I realized I had no idea how to do my own hair. I think I threw a scrunchi in anger. Also, I would like to point out that I am wearing flats. To a prom. Dork! Oh, and little known fact: I weighed 3 lbs. more than my date.
Jen: Haha!! Oh my God, yes, the hair! I remember this!! Come on, those flats are classy. I'm still shocked that Jeremy wore like a regular tuxedo, not some blue ruffled type of number - or that he had on regular shoes, too. No Converse. Ahhh, high school. I think I was actually with you when you bought your prom dress, too. I probably was. My God, we were like sewn together for a while there.
Liz D: Yah, we were besties! That was J's grandfather's tux. And you *were* there when I boutht my prom dress and I was talking about how I weighed less than my date, and the salesgirl was all, oh, honey, just wait until he gets to college - he will double in size. Ahahahahahah. No. I just saw Jeremy a few months ago and if he has gained 10 lbs. in the past 15 years, I would be shocked and amazed.
Jen: How fun is that?? Where did you buy that? Was it called Charade? I think it was! Why do I store all this info in my head? I can't picture Jeremy being anything more than lean and tall (and in Converse All Stars).
Liz D: Hahahahahah! I think it WAS Charade. I was trying to remember the name - it was out of business by sophomore year. This is a dangerous game, Jen. I think I know where there is a tape of us singing Stay by Lisa Loeb.
Jen: Shut your mouth!

Liz says, let it snow enough to get sent home early, but not so much that it interferes with dinner/karaoke.

Liz is going to brave the snow in search of chicken cutlets.

Liz says all right already - 25 things that might shock and amaze you.
Su: Misslizzers. You win for most interesting "25 things" I've read to date. And I've read a lot of them. Still have yet to write mine. Oh, and I totally get the thing about feeling sad that so-and-so didn't tag me. OMG, how old are we? 12? yeah.
Ka: Ooooh, LJ! Would it be weird to be frenz?
Dar: A) IQ tests are bunk. Not in the way SAT tests are bunk, but still pretty much bunk. Creativity, sociability, and a whole host of other things are not evaluated by them, which is why you can have idiot savants with IQs >200 who can't get through the day unassisted.
2) Hulu.com puts The Daily Show and Colbert Report episodes for free the day after they are aired. It is a staple of my no-cable existence.
x) Live band karaoke is the shit. Performing For Whom the Bell Tolls in downtown NYC in front of a packed room of screaming people is one of my best memories. I keep looking for it in San Diego but can't find it.
A: Wow, that was so interesting, funny, insightful, thoughtful, inspiring, and makes me feel like rewriting mine, but would I be able to come up with 25 facts that interesting??? Hmmm, I'd have to take stalk of what has happened in my life . . . when I did it, I was just so focused on things I think about and not so much things I've done or experienced . . . I really enjoyed reading this . . . I WILL SEE YOU AT KARAOKE!!!
A: Oh, and I wanna find out how you make kahlua mousse!
Liz L: Yikes! Should have tagged you . . .
R: 26. I do not warn people when they are about to walk into poles, but I make up for it by giving them a clean pair of socks.
Kr: You should totally write a guide to etiquette for the 20 to 40 set. You should ask Anna to give you the name of her publisher.
Liz D: I like your thinking, Moreau. What's the going advance rate for etiquette writers?

Liz is still full from last night. Which is a euphamism for Liz got fat from last night.

Liz is the most relaxed she's ever been on the day of her class.

Liz has new found respect for barley wine.
Sh: I did not know it even existed. :-)
B: It's a rather sweet beer, very thick, heavy and alcoholic.
Liz D: I went to the Brazen Head cask ale fest in Brooklyn yesterday. Delicious! And it makes your head spin.

Liz thinks Coraline is lucky that wasn't a Greek mythe she was starring in. Or a DePalma film.

Liz: Thanks, dude! Yah, I feel like I just won Miss Congeniality.

Liz keeps finding pieces of Mr. Potatohead's anatomy, as though her house is the crime scene of America's first preschool serial killer.
M: LOL. I hope you can put all the pieces together & solve the "mystery."
Liz D: I've seen a lot of things in my years on the force, but ripping a pair of lips off a face with your bare hands and leaving in the middle of someone's bedroom floor is . . . just . . . sick.

Liz had to call the fire department because her new CO alarm wouldn't shut up. They showed up in their big shiny fire engine, sirens blaring, for nothing.
Jea: Oh my God, Liz, that sucks! I'm so sorry.
St: I've done that . . . twice . . . batteries were not good, but firemen? Very good!
Liz D: Hah! Don't I wish. No, I just had a very nice old fireman come and lecture me about the placement of my fire alarms and my total lack of an emergency exit.

Liz wonders if Henry Winkeler's pride is hurt every time something "jumps the shark."
R: I would say that the writer who wrote that episode of Happy Days has his pride hurt every time he hears something "jumping the shark."
Liz D: Yes, but maybe Henry knows deep down that a better actor could have carried it off. Like, if Hugh Jackman was playing the Fonz, maybe every year around Oscar time, people would come up to Academy Award winners, pat them on their backs, and say, "Way to jump the shark, man! Good luck topping THAT performance."
R: I think the collective memory of the average Happy Days fan would remember the thumbs up and "Ayeeeee!" rather than the jumping the shark episode. So I would imagine people on the street would bug (whoever played the Fonz) not so much about jumping the shark, but rather his famous catchphrase and gesture. I don't think a better actor could have pulled off the Fonz, whether Henry Winkeler was jumping the shark or bailing out Potsy, Richie, or Ralf, he always had the manner that could balance the chunky with the smooth. Henry Winkeler's performance of the Fonz is like a monkey, he has a demeanor that is kind and gregarious, yet can turn unnerving when threatened. So even if there was a more preposterous episode (Mork and Mindy spin-off aside), I think Henry Winkeler is one of the few actors who can balance the stupid with the cool, and the tough guy with the push over . . . Food for thought.

Liz is making the most squashtastic dish EVARRR.
Ja: Is it squash stuffed with squash compote floating in a sea of squash soup?
Liz D: No, that is the *squashiest* dish ever. I however am the proud recipient of the Fan Favorite Award at Iron Chef Jamaica Plain, secret ingredient: squash. For my squash and jalapeno risotto with fontina and a lake of pesto.
Ju: It was soooo good!
Liz D: Thanks!

Liz's last contact ripped, so she is wearing the glasses that make her naseous. She will be playing the role of seasick librarian for the forseeable future.

Liz was making the CD for her class tonight when her burner died and now she is ready to jump out the window.

Liz has a new plan: throwing the Geek Squad out the window.
Dav: Ugh. Just say "no" to Best Buy.
Liz D: Does Liz Doran have to choke a geek?
Dav: I refuse to answer on the grounds that I have a dirty mind.
Z: Forget Geek Squad they're a bunch of punks. What do you need for your computer?
Liz D: My CD burner died on me, which is a serious emergency, as I burn a disc weekly for my class. I don't suppose you have a working CD burner lying around that would be compatable with a Del Inspiron 8600 laptop?
Z: Yeah, I believe I can dig one up. When do you need it by?
Liz D: Seriously?? Um, before Thursday. Although I kind of need to decide before tomorrow morning if I'm going to drive to Jersey to buy Matt's laptop. How long will it take you to figure out if you have one?

Liz's coworker had better stop giving her chocolate in exchange for proof reading, or she is going to need prescription pants.
R: Or mom jeans . . .
Liz D: Don't even think it! High waisted pleating is for Republicans and fools.

Liz is reading about the economic apocalypse.
G: Why would you want to do that? Just take some soma instead.
Liz D: But I can't _afford_ soma. Isn't that always the way?
G: You can't afford soma because of the economic apocalypse. See the vicious cycle?
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