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The haps last January

I am going to see Avenue Q tonight! Rachel is taking me for my birthday . . . which means that my birthday season is going to last an unprecedented two and a half months this year. Awesome.

Here's what I was up to in Jan. 09: Guest commentors: Hugh Beckett, Rich Burns, Dave Chin, Ima Klin, Liz Laneri, Jen Siegel, Jen Toth, Janet Wertman

Liz is teaching her first ever Nia class on Thursday!
Ja: Nia? I am intrigued.
Liz D: Nia is a type of dance that was developed in the 1980's as a backlash against high-impact aerobics. It combines elements of jazz, modern and duncan dance as well as martial arts and yoga. It's SO FUN. I'km teaching it at Spontaneous Celebrations in JP, which is kind of a hippie community center, so, perfect venue.
Jen T: No one will ever be able to say, "Oh, that Liz Doran, such a lazy bird." My goodness, you're awesome.
Liz D: Hah! Thanks. Yeah, I just talked to my mom, and when I told her I got home from my red-eye flight +3 hr. drive and had a dinner party a few hours later, she told me she's glad I haven't changed . . . and that I'm completely crazy.
Jen T: When I need tips on how to make the most of 24 hours in a day - or I should say, when I'm actually up to the task, I'll come to you for a rundown of a how-to. Good Lord, woman.
D: Congratulations!
Liz L: Holla! I'm goin' girl!

Liz is already working on next week's choreography.

Liz's tin lizzie has gone from hell to breakfast.
R: LOL. And Hell to Breakfast was still glad to see tin lizzie, the dingus, the L7, the melvin, the calico, and the gambo.
R: Oh, and of course, Toss a kitten . . .
Liz D: You're such a melvin, Melvin.
R: Tell me something I don' know.

Liz's brain sounds like an episode of the West Wing right now.
H: Mine sounds like an episode of The Hills.

Liz is going to have to break the news to cousin Lauren that tubs of icing are 3 for $5. THREE FOR FIVE DOLLARS!! We doing this.

Liz is relieved that at 30 she still has more energy than a girl scout troop.

Liz has a crush on Marisa Tomei.

Liz can't stop eating her cheddar-jalapeno-beer bread.
I: Just say no.
Liz D: Can't say no . . . mouth . . . too full.

Liz says, "Angelica. You must never tell untruths. Your lies hurt God. They make His wounds bleed and His angels weep."

Liz watches network tv commercials like someone who has lived in a log cabin for 50 years listening to nothing but NPR.

Liz never knew the Twinkie Defense was so sinister and is still a little weepy over Milk.

Liz is so good at snow days.
Jen S: Lucky!

Liz's brain is resistant to marketing.
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