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I remembah last Decembah

Whitefire can mock me all he wants, but archieving things is important to me and my future biographer will be so grateful.

Here is the month of December 2008 with guest commentators: Hugh Beckett, Rich Burns, Dave Chin, Bill Doscher, Mary Ferrara, Rebecca Glucklich, Geoff Gruetzmacher, Ima Klim, Liz Laneri, Matt Marrone and Jen Toth.

Liz is going to live band karaoke at the Milky Way for the last time ever and it's making her a little emo.
Ri: My Hallmark card is in the mail . . . seriously though, that stinks . . .

Liz is accepting applications from new karaoke venues. References, anyone?
Mar: The Asgard (in Cambridge). They have karaoke on Wed. nights.
Liz L: The Alchemist is thinking of doing it, using the Milky Way's former band!
Liz D: Wow, you're good! I was specifically told not to spread that rumor. God, I hope it's true.
H: Cafe 939 at Berkeley has live band but there is no booze for sale there.
Liz D: Wha . . .? BYOB karaoke? Can that be possible?

Liz can't believe she only has 20 days to make Christmas happen.
B: You make Christmas happen?!?! Wow, what a responsibility!
Liz D: Please, there's no need to thank me, the happiness of every good little boy and girl is enough.
J: Haha. I just peed a little.

Liz is watching the first snow fall by the light of her Christmas tree.

Liz is wrapping presents to the jubilant and atonal sound of Matt and the Mattlings inventing every Christmas song.
Mat: Are you serious? Yay!
Liz D: It's a holiday tradition!
G: Christmas borsht is the tastiest borsht of them all!
Mat: They're still on casette, right? We need to make them MP3s.
Liz D: Agreed! Work your magic.

Liz is on her way to see Bella Muerte . . . despite the lousy weather and her awful cold.

Liz is hoping people appreciate the kabillion hours it will take to upload all of these polaroids.

Liz has kicked this cold to the wall and is on her way to Nia.

Liz is off to bake cookies and make cards with the girls!

Liz is going to round out an awesome mental health day by swinging by the Milky Way.

Liz is going to get her Christmas shopping done so fast it'll break the sound barrier.

Liz scanned so many polaroids last night she actually feels hung over.
Re: You are a scanning maniac!
Liz D: No kidding! I should actually be able to upload J through L tonight. This feels like the month I got addicted to tetris and every time I closed my eyes I saw slowly descending block formations.
D: Heh. I remember seeing falling blocks when I looked at buildings.

Liz is missing some of the ghosts of parties past . . . hurry back to Boston, y'all!

Liz is sucking on a candy cane so large it looks like a prop from The Slutcracker.
I: Oh my!
Liz D: I know - I'm at the office trying to look professional . . . but I look a little too much like a professional working girl posing for a webcam, if you catch my drift.

Liz says health care is the gateway drug to socialism.


LIz hasn't dug her car out since the blizzard Friday.

Liz is happy with her rock star haircut.
D: Pix pls!

Liz says thanks for all the sweet birthday wishes!
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