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A Year in Wall Posts

At some point it came to my attention that Facebook really isn't searchable in any useful way - there's no way to archieve anything. So I started copying everything on my wall so I'd have it all in once place. The great thing about Live Journal is that it's totally archieval. So to celebrate my one year anniversary of my relationship with FB, I'm going to do a twelve-part series of wall posts under the cut. This is more of a present to myself than to my readers, but maybe some people will get a kick out of it.

And so I bring you November 2008!
Featured commentors: Liz Bean, Rich Burns, Dave Chin, Mary Ferrara, Rebecca Glucklich, Matt McKee, Jen Siegel, Adlai Wertman

Liz is joining Facebook against her better judgement.
Mat: Welcome, Dancer!

Liz is feeling vindicated, as Facebook caused her computer to crash within an hour of using it.

Liz is wondering if there are any decent late-night coffee places between JP & Somerville.

Liz is going to the Charles on Friday. Who's with me?
Ri: Perhaps?
LizB: Meh, prolly not . . . damn wrist.
Re: Oooh YAY!

Liz says, if tired were people, she'd be China.
Ri: What?
LizD: China has 1.25 billion people in it. I am 1.25 billion times more tired than you.
Ri: Oh, I apologize, I ain't the sharpest tool in the sed . . . little slow behind the eyes.

Liz is going to enroll in the Beyonce School of Dance.
Mar: Uh oh, uh oh, uh oh, oh no no
Mar: Lyrics from "Crazy in Love" of course

Liz is going to have to kill someone if she can't find canned mangoes on her lunch break. Kill.
J: Wow, those are some strong feelings about mangoes!
LizD: You can relax! My search was . . . fruitful.
J: Fruitful! Ha ha ha!

Liz sanctions the marriage of Flour's bread and Lauren's hummus - let no man put them asunder.

Liz was just measuring you for your Welcome Back to the Paper Hat, Geoffrey.
D: Get a room!
LizD: Uh, there is nothing sexual about measuring the size of somebody's hat brim. Learn to dress yo'self before you wreck yo'self.

Liz is ready to gussy her up already.

Liz is gonna sit at the welcome table one of these days.
Ri: ". . . gonna sit at the welcome table when he comes!"

Liz is on her way to see Quantum of Solace at the Somerville Theater. Please make a note of it.
A: Duly noted. I will await your review.

Liz is compulsively youtubing parkour videos and blames Daniel Craig.

Liz is counting down the minutes until she leaves for NY.

Liz is feeling lucky to be alive because if she had gotten to the mechanic 2 min. later her tire might have popped off her car.
D: ???
LizD: Yeeeah. My dad put the snow tires on my car, and apparently one of the back tires wasn't screwed on tight enough. It's kind of bizarre that I was able to drive about four hours to Brooklyn and back, and then five hours on the highway before I noticed a problem. Even weirder is that there were no problems until after I brought it in for inspection. Maybe they jiggled a little somethin' somethin' to lure me back into the shop.
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