misslizzers (misslizzers) wrote,

Can I join the hedonist union yet?

I am back from my kick-ass nearly three-week vacation, which took me from the backwoods of west virginia to sizzling madrid to moorish granada to sophisticated barcelona and finally to my sweet london which in my honor decided to hit 100degrees for the first time since Chaucer.

I think I sweat half my body weight and replaced it with sangria.

Susan and I had a fabulous time and I don't think we fought once in two straight weeks! aww. We danced with a ton of boys and Susan spoke to every Italian in a 3km radius. "Where in Italy are you from? I'm learning Italian and I'm trying to learn the different accents" is a brilliant pickup line.

Unfortunately, hours before I split for London, we shared an ill-fated mojito, and, I soon found out, killer tonsilitis. Which has now bought me two-three days bed rest. I don't even remember what my job is anymore.

It is a good thing that you buy round trip tickets. I can't imagine electing to leave there. Sure I'm happy camped out in the library sniffling with my stripy kneesocks and my dorky glasses, but you couldn't have convinced me of it then!

For the love! Somebody ease my reentry process and take me dancing.
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