misslizzers (misslizzers) wrote,

Hot Lesbian Action

in other words, the MTV music awards. I am so impressed! What must they be saying in Alabama? From Pink licking random dancing girls and throwing them around by their hair, to TATU's panty raid makeout dance party segment, to Josh Hartnet looking an awful lot like the girlfriend in But I'm a Cheerleader, it looks like MTV is under new management. It's enough to make the Indigo Girls weep with joy. Mad props to MTV. When's the last time you saw blatent homosexuality in the mainstream without it being some kind of a punchline?

It's enough of a social victory to distract me from Adrien Brody being all schmoopy with his very cute very blond girlfriend.

Ok, it's time for me to join my mid-twenties and shut this off.
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