misslizzers (misslizzers) wrote,

Who said envy was a sin?

What a week! I ripped a young republican a new asshole, said goodbye to my good friend K who is wrestling the great bear Alaska once again, helped get my other friend K through a relationship renegotiation, and listened to various tales of woe. I also learned to love my job again.

Talking to K the first last night, I said he has an enviable life (because I couldn't quite bear to say "I'm going to miss you" which was pretty childish, now that I think about it) and he said, you do, too. And I argued with him about how getting married to Jersey wasn't part of my five year plan. But he's right, I have *nothing* to complain about. And maybe things aren't exactly as I pictured them, but they're a whole lot more interesting. Plus, I got so excited about writing letters at my job today, I stayed until 8pm and didn't even realize it. Me write good.

And K the second actually told me sometimes she envies my swinging lifestyle, which is another thing I definitely didn't plan on, and not something I automatically defend - but I guess the truth of it is, I do everything I do with gusto, and I think people pick up on that more than what I've got on paper, which isn't all that much. The paper part I'm working on.

I'm also working on this dating etiquette crap that I should have learned when I was a teenager, except that when I was a teenager, there was no awkwardness, only joy and tragedy. Now I've learned to handle would-be relationships with all the sensitivity of a loan officer. I regret to inform you that we are unable to accept your application at this time. We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.

ok, on a good day I'm a loan officer. On a late-night bender, I come out from behind the desk and start swinging, especially if you're doing your best Dubya impression. Compassionate conservatism/trickledown economics and "don't you want to take home more of your paycheck?" is the quickest way to my shoe up your ass. I think one of my most lucid points was in response to the latter. Look, I got a thousand back from the gov't last year. If I knew it was going to socialized health care, I'd say they should keep it. Since I know it's going towards a goddamn nuclear weapon, yes I fucking want it back. Not bad, considering all the free beer and maryjoowana that preceded that statement.
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