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Thanks be!

I would just like to mention that I had an absolutely lovely little Thanksgiving.  Here's the rundown:

Cousin Lauren was the perfect travel companion - we speed-talked all the way down, and she kept me awake with the movie game for the FULL HOUR we were stuck in Tolland traffic on the way home.

It was so great relaxing and catching up with Mom & Dad, and watching movies on their 800-foot television.  We also played a number of games of Wildlife Adventure and I won for the first time in this millenium. ! Oh yeah, and I got suckered into playing the Tony Randall Word Game.  I have never wanted to punch a dead guy more.  Gah!

I was really missing my sister and cousins and all the Kerrigans on Thanksgiving.  But I was comforted both by knowing that I will see them all soon, and by singlehandedly consuming 2 lbs. of Australian parmesan cheese.  Holy crap!  Amazing.  Much more like a crumbly aged cheddar than you'd think.  I was also quite fond of the peanut brittle made with chardonnay we had at dessert.

On Black Friday I was so proud of my family, because we all went hiking at Fahnstock, which is the opposite of going to a mall.

On Black Friday I was SUPREMELY proud of my mom, who will be the first to tell you she didn't even dance at her own wedding, because she let me lead her in a Nia routine.  Yes, you heard it here first.  I had fun, and I think she secretly did, too.  She's kind of the best practice student I could hope for, because she's a really tough sell and has absolutely no experience with this kind of thing - and I was able to teach her jazz squares in two seconds!  And all this time I've been sweating it, wondering how I could stomach all the hippie terminologies and metaphors - but images just kept popping into my head [now your arms are spaghetti, and we're churning around in the spaghetti water!] that felt much more like my lingo. 

On Black Friday I also got to hang out with Greg finally, eat Italian food, and meet the lovely Katie.  Good times!

Saturday I met up with Bryan in Williamsburg and we wandered around a bit and then settled in for a nice long chat over some chai lattes - I got to hear all his crazy stories from his summer-long arts residency in Maine.

Then I met Matt, Dan, Dan and Carrie in the Village to see They Might Be Giants at Le Poisson Rouge.  This is a SWEET small venue.  I had truffled mac and cheese that haunts my dreams - mixed with black angus ham, with a medallion of parmesan latticework that the macaroni wore like a big beret - I'm thinking of entitling this Thanksgiving "Adventures in Parmigiana."  Anyway, I've seen TMBG probably five times, but I have never seen them so goofy - that is saying A LOT.  John Flansberg was a little chatterbox of hilarity, and good Lord, John Linnell is as hot as he was a decade ago.  (I realize I have sunk to unnavigable depths of dorkdom with that statement.)  They played seven of their hits, then the entire Apollo 18 album, then at least seven more hits.  I love that Matty and I know all the words and that we both bop along the whole time.  We also had fun doing a big suicide mime during the opening act.  They deserved it.

Sunday I had a great leisurely brunch with Kristen & Ryan and Steph at Dizzy's - love those guys.  Then Kristen and I went to visit Annie & Bill and Dot!  Who is easily twice as big and ten times more alert than she was the last time I saw her.  Annie looks fabulous - even after a night of no sleep - and Bill is such a great daddy.  I never get tired of hanging out at Anne & Bill's. 

After some seriously amazing coffee and croissants at Cafe Regular with Annie and Matt, he and I hit the road for the last leg of our journey - to Marcus & Luz's post-wedding reception around the corner from my parents' house.  They just got married in Spain last month, and this was the American party.  I had no idea it would be such a big deal - the whole thing was catered, and there were easily 60 people there, including some of our old high school teachers.  Matt and Dan and I were seated with Rob who since I last saw him has acquired a wife and baby, who are both totally sweet.  It was awesome to reconnect and make friends, and I even got to chase little David around the restaurant a little bit. 

I'm so grateful for my New York fix!  It was a great way to kick off my favorite time of the year.

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