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Get this lady a trapeze!

I might *finally* have found a gig teaching Nia. I might also have found myself not one but TWO projectors for my birthday party. I am feeling extremely fortunate, because the gig and the projectors found me; all I had to do was flap my gums about 'em and they landed in my lap. 

My guiding principle is to stay cosmically open to opportunities, and it's served me well; now I'm doing my best to pay it forward:

A couple weeks ago Matt and I were walking down Centre Street, and I ran into Marc from the Cafe, who pulled me into this conversation he was having with a girl is an acrobat - specifically an aerialist - and she just moved back to Boston and has no place to practice. We chatted for a bit, and I didn't even catch her name.

Then last week my friend Maaak and I were talking and I mentioned my Nia certification, and now he is on a mission to get me a gig at Spontaneous Celebrations. I was asking about the condition of the floors, since Nia is a barefoot class, and he said, oh, this group Silkworms runs around there barefoot all the time - they're acrobats, working with balancing balls, silks, and trapezes. What the.  What in the world were the odds?

So I contacted Eleza who knows how to get in touch with Marc and I think through this chain of four people, I think we have found this acrobat a troupe!  Score one more for JP.

The projectors are another story that involves a rival gang of social joiners in JP, who are happy to loan me some projectors if I will in turn loan them the dance DVD I'm compiling.  There was a surprising amount of wheeling and dealing going on at supper club last night, but this piece was the most beneficial to me.

And now I am shutting down the computer and heading to New York for a long weekend of friends, family and copious amounts of food.  Safe travels everybody!
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