misslizzers (misslizzers) wrote,

Really quick:

I got to meet Chris Onstad (creator of Achewood) on Saturday!  I bought a kick-ass poster of The Great Outdoor Fight which is now signed and hanging in my living room.

In other news, Annie opened last weekend! (www.footlight.org)  Thanks to those of you who came out.  We're running the next two weekends.  It's a fun show - serious crowd-pleaser.  Come watch me dis Herbert Hoover, get chased by a sailor, and get to work with a feather duster.  Santio Cupon is stealing every scene as Drake, 8-year-old Alec Shiman is the tap-dancing shoe-shine boy, and I am joined in the ensemble by Rob Guptill, Susan Rubin, Jocelyn Hesse, and Mary Ferrara.
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