misslizzers (misslizzers) wrote,

2 crazy weeks

Geez, where do I begin?  Here's how I spent my vacation:

Day 1: Flew to Baltimore, caught up with Nick in Ellicott City, went bar hopping and got OBLITERATED, ending the night dancing in a bar that was supposed to look like Cancun.  There was one girl who looked like she was getting paid to get people on the floor and at one point we were briefly dancing together.  She leans in and says, I'M NOT A LESBIAN!  And I say, UH, I REALLY DIDN'T THINK YOU WERE.  And she says, I DIDN'T WANT YOU TO GET SCARED.  And I say, LESBIANS AREN'T SCARY.  Ahh, the suburbs. 

Day 2: Took the train to DC and had an excellent time catching up with Dan over brunch - hadn't seen him in five years, but we still make some stellar conversation.  Stayed with Adra at a swank hotel - will post pictures soon.  Then it was on to Bridget & Andy's wedding!  at the Tabard Inn.  Intimate ceremony with lots of poems and songs they'd picked out, and then a seven-hour reception (!) with a huge appetizer buffet including almost a dozen cheeses AND the couple took my suggestion and had a Polaroid camera as a means of signing the guest book.  Spent the night catching up with college friends I miss seeing - like Adra and Torres - and the bride pulled me aside at one point and told me I was responsible for getting the dance floor going.  I deputized Torres to help me, and we got the job done.  We also looked like we were paid to get people to dance - our outfits were color-coordinated and everything.  Which reminds me, how do I get a job getting people to dance?  This may be my true calling.

Day 3: Went running in the early morning shadows of DC monuments, had a goodbye brunch with Adra, and traveled up to Jenkintown to stay with Susan & Bennett.

Day 4: Chilled with Susan & Bennett.  I made us a feast, and we capped off the night with an inebriated trip to Starbucks where we tried to psychoanalyze all the people we know in common, followed by a UTube marathon, and then Susan and I had a date with James McAvoy - starring in Starter for 10.  He's dreamy even when he's playing a real wanker.

Day 5: Had a ton of fun knocking around Philly with Bakerloo.  I am still dreaming about the dinner we had - citrus avocado salad, fried mussels that were so perfectly salty/cruncy/juicy I felt like weeping, a fried scallop platter and a bottle of prosecco.  Then we went to the antique looking ice cream place that she said she knew was a Liz place and it was - narrow and Victorian, tin ceiling, olde timey cash register, and oh my yes, peanut butter ice cream.  Then we finished the night off with some weird-ass karaoke that was dominated by transvestites and country songs I have never heard before, and there was a great moment where we were both dancing and I looked over and I was like, holy crap!  we have the same crazy dance moves!  I blame Drew University.

Day 6: Susan and I had total girl time all day - a trip to the spa and then sushi, then we hung out for a bit listening to podcasts about how accents are changing in North American cities: http://www.pbs.org/speak/ahead/change/changin/summary/
http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=5220090 (This stuff is sooooo interesting to me.  And luckily, to Susan, too).  Then I took her out for a belated birthday night - phenomenal tapas and then Nick & Nora's Infinite Playlist.  Sweet movie, I liked it, but THE GUM WENT TOO FAR.  If you saw it you know exactly what I'm talking about. 

Day 7: Spent the whole day in Philly with Susan - did some shopping, then took advantage of the many free appetizers and glasses of wine that Design Philadelphia had to offer - this translates to us walking all over town, getting steadily more drunk and vocal in our criticisms of Philadelphia furniture showrooms.  My kind of party.  Then we went to a round robin rock show, which was nuts.  12 bands performing one song at a time in the round.  I got a kick out of it, though I was not a big fan of getting trampled by the people who always had to be in the front.  This was a young crowd - even Susan felt old - and the organizers were actually able to manipulate the crowd into different formations and led them in calesthenics at one point.  I had the eerie feeling that there is a whole upcoming generation of people who spent too much time at camp.  Oooh, and I just remembered, Lizz King was one of the performers and she was totally rad.  She wasn't, like, Peaches risque, but her music reminded me of her; hot and danceable and irreverent.  According to her myspace page she's 28, but she looks twelve and a half.  Also, midway through her second song she stripped to the waist.  I have to remember to order her album - they sold out of copies.

Day 8: A perfectly balanced day of Julie-Delpie-movie-watching, Palin-bashing-Newsweek-article-reading, big family-style barbecue with Susan & Bennett and their neighbors and friends, and then I borrowed the car and went dancing at 80's night at Sal's with kbot and a couple of Susan's friends.  $10 to get in and then dollar drinks all night!  Check it out, Philadelphians.  It was so great dancing with Kristen - that doesn't happen nearly enough these days.

Day 9: Back to Maryland for overeducated & Brandi's wedding!  I loved the rock themes they played for everyone's entrances and exits.  They chose a Decemberist's song for the bride & groom dance with their parents, and apparently the four-year old flower girl said, "We have to listen to FOLK ROCK?  Ewwwww, gross."  She cracks me up.  They chose great quirky readings for the ceremony, the speeches during dinner were absolutely top notch and I more than made up for my not being able to drink at B&A's wedding.  I also danced up  a storm, which is utterly predictable, I know.

Day 10: I spent my last day of vacation brunching in the hotel with the wedding party, working on my book until check-out, then bopping around Baltimore - great meal in Little Italy, and some time to geek out at the Museum of Industry before I headed home.

Thanks to all my faraway friends and family for showing me such a good time!  I hope you all come visit me in Boston so I can return the favor.

And now, I am pleased to announce, IT IS THE WEEKEND.  Off I go!  I'll be at Great Scott tonight with my girls, at least until the hipsters start throwing elbows.

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