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2 weddings in 10 days

Tomorrow I fly to Baltimore for what I like to call my Recession Special Vacation. My boss was actually getting a little snippy with me, asking me why I'm wasting all this vacation time on domestic travel when I could be going to Europe or something. Uhhh, first of all, she knows what my salary is, there is your first clue. Secondly, I am not in the mood to pay $10 for an Orangina or whatever it is with the current exchange rate. I've been to Europe eight times and Mexico twice, and while I would love to use my passport again, I'd rather not have to sell my eggs for the privilege of doing so.

I think this trip is going to be great, and miraculously cheap. I'm only going to have to get two hotel rooms, but one is FREE and completely swanky - Adra got us a hook-up - and the other I'm splitting three ways with friends I know through one of the grooms. I also think I can work it so that I only need to rent a car for 24 hours to get me out to the wedding in rural Maryland. I AM THE RAINMAKER.

It will be wonderful to get away from work and rehearsal for a bit. I'm going to schedule chunks of time to work on my book - more on that later - and other than that, my only responsibilities will be having fun, looking good, and making sure the wedding presents I bought don't shatter themselves in my luggage. I'll be catching up with college friends and old just-post-college friends, and I'll be spending the bulk of my time staying with my sister and Bennett just outside Philly. She's a nurse and was able to work her schedule so that she has almost the whole time off. I vote for going dancing every night.

Also, I want to state here and now that I am having a love affair with the new boots I bought. They are black cowboy boots, one size too big. They are hott enough that people take notice, comfortable enough that I can dance all night and not feel a thing, and I barely have to use my hands to slide them on and off, making them the ultimate accessory for airport security.

One small present to you before I go: the other night I was taking with Brad & Jenn and somehow the subject of the Kentucky Fried Chicken Famous Bowl came up, and I said, OMG you totally have to read this Patton Oswalt article about it. I say again: Y'all totally have to read this Patton Oswalt article about it:


It came out in January, so you may have read it, but if not, do yourself a favor.
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