misslizzers (misslizzers) wrote,

Achewood Pt. 10

Before I get to posting, I just want to say that I had an awesome night last night. First was dinner cooked with Brad & Jenn - he made steak, she made salad, I made the dinner I cannot get enough of lately, which is polenta with olives & sundried tomatoes, fried up and dipped in a fontina & gorgonzola fonduta (sooooo good). And THEN I deep fried some chocolate bars and served them with ice cream. Total mouthgasm.

After dinner, cousin Lauren came by to pregame, which gave me my second wind. It's always so great to see her and trade crazy stories.

Then it was on to the Milky Way. Now, since this whole once-a-month thing, you really never know what you're going to get. In August there were so many regulars, new and old, that it felt like an episode of This Is Your Life. But that might have been because people were saying goodbye; in September numbers were way down, and I remember Susan asking me to sing a third song at the end of the night since there just weren't any other takers.

This month surpassed expectations. It was PACKED. I thank the debates and a couple of going-away parties for getting people in the place, and I give Susan credit for getting people to stay. She is hands down the best karaoke host we've had since I started going. There were plenty of regulars I was happy to see: cousin Lauren, Elissa, Rachel, Alyc, E, Maura, Corinne, Charles, etc., and we were dancing our asses off. And then I made some new dancing friends, and a few asked for my number, which I have to admit was a lot less likely to happen back in the day when I was meeting guys who knew they'd just run into me the next week. All right, Milky Way, I still think you're being stupid, misguided and lame, but I will give you that.

Here's some Achewood for ya!

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