misslizzers (misslizzers) wrote,

Healthy Livin'

I have been living in JP for three years. It took me until now to find out that not only do we HAVE a public swimming pool, IT COSTS ONE DOLLAR TO SWIM!!!! WTF have I been?

As far as quality of life goes, this about makes up for the fact that the only grocery store within walking distance of my office is closed for renovations until about a year from now. This is a huge pain in the ass - I used to be able to take the T and pick up food for dinner, but now I have to choose between spending money on gas or foregoing eating fresh fruits & veggies on any given day. Also, the second closest grocery store from my office is in Brookline and they don't have any sushi. Gah. I had to resort to getting a frozen entree for lunch - but I am pleased to find that Amy's organic pesto tortellini is actually delicious.

Have a good weekend y'all!

Oh and this is totally off-topic and old news, but Shannon sent us a second set of pix from The Truth About Blayds which came out great, and I'm going to post a few to show that I don't just make angry faces when I'm on stage.


Oh right, this last one must be from that time I starred in James Cameron's Titanic.
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