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What I'm up to

I am not a fan of Twitter on principle. But Matt is trying to get me to join it and he makes a good case, because his twits (or twats, as I like to call them), are like little works of art. I think it's his journalistic credentials that give him the edge - each little missive has the intrigue and urgency of letters smuggled out of Nazi Germany by carrier pigeon. I'm still not sure that I want to lash myself to this particular bandwagon, but if I was handing out lisences to twitter, it would be a competitive process and he would be shortlisted.

I don't know if you know this about me, but every month since February 2005, I have taken on a new little project. Some of them fall by the wayside pretty much untouched - songwriting, bioethics, learning Creole. Some of them become what my life is all about for a month - learning to teach Nia, learning about Lebanon, redecorating my apartment. Some of them morph into something that I can't live without - the month I was going to try voice lessons, I decided instead to start going to karaoke at the Milky Way and the rest is history. Or the month I decided to cook more often led to my establishing Supper Club, which is now a weekly institution with loyal adherents.

This month I am continuing to watch all of Lily Taylor's movies - a leftover from a previous month. I really love that girl. But my new project is to try and paint. I am very bad at it. But I think it's important to do more than just the things you're awesome at. And it's kind of cool to start at the absolute bottom of something because it's easy to see yourself make progress.
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