misslizzers (misslizzers) wrote,

Achewood Pt. 9

I just got back from the Dodge Poetry Festival which was a huge success. I've been to six of them, working 14-hour days at five of them, and this was by far the smoothest run. I was so happy to catch up with all my old friends. It's amazing that even though I left Dodge three years ago there are still dozens of dear friends and mentors who are still involved. Such a rare thing to be able to shelve a part of your life and go back every two years to find it just as you left it.

Sharon Olds made me cry - twice - and so did Patricia Smith, who was new to me, both for all the right reasons. I got to chat with some cool poets I've never met before, and do a little jukebox dancing in the bar at Panther Valley. I got to hang out with one of the people who first replaced me - she's awesome, and we bonded so much that it's hard for me to believe I only know her from two festivals. Steph joined me halfway through - this was her sixth festival as well, so she's like a Dodge family friend. My mom came on Saturday which was great - I always have a good time showing her around and dissecting the different events with her. And at the last minute Matt came, too, which was loads of fun.

And here's a little Achewood fer your Monday:

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