misslizzers (misslizzers) wrote,

Achewood Pt. 8

I've got some more Achewood for you, but first, here are the 5 best things about last weekend in no particular order:

1. Going to a dinner party conducted entirely in pitch-black darkness - you had to guess what you were eating. And there was one person there I'd never seen before, so I got to feel her face. In daylight she is the spitting image of Juliette Binoche. My hands told me . . . she had the correct number of eyes and nostrils. I don't know how blind people do it. Are they just feeling for gaping head wounds and cystic acne? Because that's about all I'd be able to detect.
2. Getting a chance to drive around in Hugh's new convertible. Not only does it give you that magical California-in-New-England feeling, watching it convert is like that scene where Batman gets his first automobile.
3. Lindalea & Paul's prequinox party at his beach house in Manomet - great friends, soft sand, bracing water, many apricot mimosas, frisbee on the beach and leading my beach bocce team in the slaughter of our opponents.
4. Driving down to said prequinox party with Hugh, where as we made our way in the pouring rain to a house in a deserted beach community where no one seemed to have any cell reception, we improvised a little skit when Hugh pointed out we were actually all too old to be the targets of a serial killer.

Oh my God! Are you a serial killer?!?
Uh, well, yes, as a matter of fact I . . . was really expecting you guys to be younger. Is there another beach house around here maybe? with a bunch of 18-20 year olds?
Are you saying we're too old to be killed?
Well, I mean, it's just not really my thing. Y'know, usually, I like them younger, hot coeds, you get the idea. There is no way that any of you is a virgin . . .
Hey, my girlfriend looks really good for her age . . .
Yeeeah, and it'd be one thing if you guys drove down here in a beater, but this car is still under warantee for God's sake, it's just not as much fun. Honestly, it is such a rush when I kill somebody, and everybody starts screaming their heads off - but you guys would probably just call a lawyer or something. I'm out.

5. Talking with Matt and laughing so hard I nearly ruptured internal organs - over the Women of the Internets speech we came up with. Too soon, Matty?

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