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It's been an awesome couple of weeks. Annie had her baby! [Dot Garrity] So did Aliza! [Avigail Davis] I was down in NYC during maternity madness, but I didn't actually get to meet any newborns - though I finally got to meet Avigail's big brother, Shmuel.

My trip down to NYC was fantastic. I did so much in just three days. Got to spend some great quality time with Kristen & Ryan; we watched the first couple episodes of Mad Men so I finally know what the fuss is about.

On Saturday Kristen and I had girl time - nice long walks around Brooklyn, eggs bennie at Dizzy's, and then we caught Vicky Christina Barcelona which was breathtaking. Seriously. So many great little twists, the diologue was so revealing and cleverly subtle for Woody Allen - I was really glad Vicky was the character he seemed to be speaking through; Woody Allen is a lot more palatable when he's female. It's just one of those rare movies that speaks the truth - it's not telling you much you don't already know, but it's synthesizing things you may have been thinking about your whole life and making them all make sense. The last movie that got my brain buzzing like that was Six Degrees of Separation back in 1993, when all I wanted to do was go home lie on my bed and stare at the ceiling for hours and think about Everything.

After that I headed over to Madison and hung out all night with Zach & Denise and Dan Bailey. The digs are a lot nicer than back in the day, but being a stone's throw from Drew and in their company felt like college again in the best ways.

I got horrendously lost on the way to Matt's new place in Hoboken - what NJ experience would be complete without being brought near tears by faulty googlemap directions? He lives in an awesome fifth floor apartment now - he shares it with Becca and has his own little suite with amazing views.

I spent the rest of the weekend knocking around with him and Steph - spent a gorgeous day in Central Park, and Monday afternoon at Coney Island, which may or may not have shut down permanently this past Monday - people have been posting, texting and emailing me up-to-the-minute info for days. Sounds like the mayor is trying to intervene in the zero hour. But we were there before this story even broke, so we drank lemonade, ate greasy food, waded in the water, walked the boardwalk and got to ride the Cyclone without a care in the world. That roller coaster kicks so much ass.

Here are some more of my favorite Achewoods:

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