misslizzers (misslizzers) wrote,

Achewood Pt. 6

I have been taking full advantage of this little break between shows (rehearsals for Annie start up in a week or two), and I've been trying to get to all those summer things I looked forward to all year and then was to busy to cram in; the end-of-summer comedies (LOVED Tropic Thunder, didn't really care for Pineapple Express), the demolition derby at the Marshfield Fair, a trip to Water Country, dinner parties, dancing my ass off at The Faint - which would have been one of my favorite shows of all time if not for the mosh pit (seriously, who does that anymore?).

Last week I took a kick-ass mental health day and I must have entered a worm-hole because I accomplished a huge amount but never felt the slightest bit rushed. It was a rare piece of solitude that was months overdue. I ate heavenly eggs benedict at Doyle's. I went walking in the community garden and watched the bees pollenating all the flowers. I rode around on public transit writing stream of consciousness entries. I bought new Sauconys to run in with little air conditioning panels for my toes. I soaked in the hot tubs at Inman Oasis. I walked all over Somerville, passed a comic book store and was drawn in by a comic book anthology of artists who had illustrated Tori Amos lyrics and spent some time poring over it and remembering what it was like to be 16, hanging out with Steph and Matt. I ate some pretty amazing fish & chips at the Neighborhood. Headed downtown, walked through the Common and the Public Garden. Bought a new dressy dress for the October weddings I'm going to (which also came in handy for the Feast I threw on Saturday). Chilled with a Ben & Jerry's mango smoothie and sat in the gorgeous afternoon Newbury Street sun chatting on the phone with Matty. Bought some CDs at Newbury Comics because it is criminal that I don't own any Billy Idol by now. Or Feist. Or Fatboy Slim. Made it with time to spare for my first Forest Yoga class at Back Bay, where some random guy complimented my practice and I sweat so much there were little water explosions all over my mat. Got home, got clean and all primped and such, ate a quick dinner, then went out to Costello's to toast Jon's imminent move to L.A. My friends called it an early night, so I walked down to the Milky Way. Saw some people I know, and danced a bit to some '60's stuff. And as luck would have it, one of the few people on the floor was my yoga teacher from earlier in the day - we got to talking and she tentatively offered me a Nia demo gig for November - which is something I should really, really, really take advantage of. Sigh. If being a woman of leisure was a competitive position, I would have that job in the bag.

Here's some more Achewood for ya! Tah!


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