misslizzers (misslizzers) wrote,

I have lived here a long time

Lately, I keep running into people I know, or people I used to know, or people who I'm 99% sure I've met but can't remember when. This has partly to do with my taking public transit more lately, and partly to do with the crazy number of people I've met since I got here.

The other night I went walking to Video Underground and ran into Dave, who I haven't seen since Kristen & Ryan's wedding, just strolling down Centre Street. Then I ran into Robbie outside of the Milky Way - not at all surprising - who confirmed that Ricky and Miranda are about to have (and probably already have had) their baby, which is both exciting and hard to imagine.

In the people I used to know category, I ran into Jesse on the bus this morning; we went out on one failed blind date in September, haven't seen him since.

And ok, maybe some of my readers can help me out here: there's a girl who was a late-addition to my cast - Kristen Shoop (Schoop?) and I swear I've met her before. Is there an Emerson connection I'm forgetting about? K? Z?

Oh yeah, and Saturday I tagged along with Ana to a yoga potluck party hosted by Gretchen and Sonia, who I am positive I have met once before, but who don't seem to know any of my yoga/hippie/vegetarian friends.

Yep, Boston is the size of a teacup, but that's partly why I love it so much.
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