misslizzers (misslizzers) wrote,

Best Little Whorehouse in Texas

 Hey, y'all!

Encore Theater's production of The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas is going up a month from now at UMASS Boston!  Show dates are June 20, 21, 27, and 28. 
I'm a member of the ensemble, so I'll be appearing as an old-timey whore, an evangelical crusader, and a cheerleader.  Michael Glashow is the music director and Laurie Fisher (Fish) is choreographing.  Rachel Moliere will be playing Dawn, one of the star whores; Rebecca Glucklich will play Imogene, our head cheerleader; Kristopher Moreau is playing Rufus; and Joey Arbeely is one of the evangelical watch dogs.
Click here for tickets: http://www.encoreboston.org/
Hope to see you there!
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