misslizzers (misslizzers) wrote,

Google yourself

I'm stealing this meme from a couple of people.  It's very simple: googlesearch your name with the following verbs: 
Needs/Looks like/Likes/Says/Wants/Does/Hates/Asks/Goes

I googled my many nicknames and these were the best ones I came up with.  They are 66% true!:

Misslizzers looks like an angel and plays the harp like a dream.

Misslizzers says some funny things and it gets magnified when she's had a few.

Misslizzers wants to turn the Taj Majal pink!

Misslizzers does more than dance with her partner.

Misslizzers likes to create cute guys with great hair and nice wardrobes.

Are you willing to provide everything Misslizzers needs in terms of food and housing?

Misslizzers asks if scientology is the biggest problem.

Misslizzers goes on a crying spree again after being a disgusting failure.

I'm glad I found a community that hates Misslizzers as much as I do.

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