misslizzers (misslizzers) wrote,

Who invented 5am?

I don't know how teachers do it . . . my guess is they don't hang out in diners until midnight when they have to teach the next day. Last night I had a great time - went to see Mary DeBow and Renee Ashley read in West Orange. A great reading, as always. And I read a bit in the open - it was the first time Martin heard me read in years, and he was really encouraging. For the record, there is nobody better to have in an audience than M. and R. He is always really expressive, and she amplifies all of his reactions. It was a great night - Cheryl and Cat joined us afterwards and we went and feasted at the diner. How often do you get to sit at a table with 4 other people who all totally rock?

I'm feeling really anxious, and I'm doing this purely to delay getting in my car for this mini-festival. I'm dreading having to jump in if one of the poets doesn't show. Last year I had at least 45 minutes warning, but I could totally get there and have them say, you're on! I don't go around telling people I'm a poet, for one thing. I *do* go around telling people I sure as hell am not a teacher. All I know from my limited experience with HS kids is that you can do the same exact thing with three groups of people and one will fucking love you and the other two will look at you as if they'd rather have dental work done. I don't pretend to know how to keep these people entertained.

Oh, well, in ten years it won't make a damn bit of difference how I do. That's my mantra! Of course, on the car ride I'll think about all the ways to prove that statement wrong. Bleagh.
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